Publishers Message; First Half of 2006 Exceeds Expectations

by Martin Masiuk -

Shifting to a weekly format, providing timely, concise solutions from professionals to professionals has been a hit with a growing audience.

Privatizing War? PMCs: The Invisible Force Multiplier

by Neil C. Livingstone -

Following the constitutional precedent established by the issuance of Letters of Marque and Reprisal, PMCs contributions may become critical to success on the Global War on Terrorism. Will the question of legality withstand the test?

Brigadier General Simon Perry, Israel National Police

by John Morton -

Perry, now serving as his country's deputy police attaché to North America, discusses the many ways in which Israel and the United States are working and training together, primarily through a law-enforcement exchange program.

The IED Problem: Solutions On Display, and On the Way

by Robert Besal -

Improvised explosive devices have already caused more than 16,000 casualties, and the number is growing almost every day. Front-line commanders joined forces with industry leaders to discuss & develop workable anti-IED systems.

Chemical Nerve Agents: A 24/7 Threat

by Jerome Hauer -

Organophosphorous insecticides, low-cost & readily available at local garden shops, could be the WMD of choice for tomorrow's terrorists. Antidotes are available, but are under lock & key far from the scene of a likely incident of national significance.

Toronto and the U.S. Canadian Border: What Should and Should Not Happen Next

by Christopher Doane & Joseph DiRenzo III -

The arrest of 17 terrorists last weekend in Toronto has led to calls for tightened U.S. security on its northern border. That is probably part of the answer, but not necessarily the most important or most effective way to proceed.

A Note from the Publisher, 7 June 06

by Martin Masiuk -

DPJ departs from its planned schedule as and when needed to provide some high-level insights and background information on fast-breaking news issues of immediate interest.

A Message from the Publisher, May 24, 2006

by Martin Masiuk -

Immigration "reform"-however that term is defined- has suddenly become one of the most important and contentious issues on the U.S. political agenda.

Lt. Gen. H. Steven Blum, Chief to the National Guard Bureau

by John Morton -

Among the topics covered: the Guard's role in incident planning; the need for interoperability with first responders; additional, and more effective, interagency training exercises; and multi-agency communications policies and procedures.

Dr. Denis Onieal, Superintendent, FEMA's National Fire Academy

by John Morton -

His views on how the NFA fits into the federal government's plans to fight terrorism. Also discussed: the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association, FIPS 201 credentials, and the personal identity verification card.