Worst-Case Scenario: Pakistan Falls to the Taliban

by Neil C. Livingstone -

Israel & India could be first in the line of fire if the resurgent terrorist group gains control of Islamabad's nuclear arsenal, but the United States would not be immune from attacks that could potentially evolve into a global nuclear holocaust.

Double the Trouble: H5N1 Plus Cat 3 Complications

by Ann Marie Brown & Jeffrey Peterson -

A major epidemic to deal with is difficult enough in itself. Toss in a hurricane about to make landfall and the situation becomes impossible. Or it would have been if ServNC, the SMAT IIs, the NCOEMS, CDC, ESAR-VHP, and two FMSS trailers had not been available.

Pamper and Protect: A Professional's Guide to Personal-Security Details

by Derrick Mayes & Cynthia Tsai -

The armed forces protect the nation, the Secret Service protects the president, and gated communities protect the affluent. But who protects the movie stars, the world-class athletes, the company CEOs, and other VIPs?

Is Al Qaeda Seeking Weapons of Mass Destruction

by Neil C. Livingstone -

Some pundits and some politicians seem to think the war on terror is over, or almost over. But new evidence suggests that it is not, and will not be, over until the terrorists say it's over - and that day may still be a long way off.

Mumbai: Implications for the West

by Neil C. Livingstone -

Mumbai was totally unprepared for the terrorist attacks of 26 November - and paid dearly for its lack of vigilance. Will the great nations of the West learn from India's mistakes, or simply repeat them?

The Field Testing Dilemma and LRN Chemical Laboratories

by Richard France -

The field testing of potentially lethal chemicals has always been an iffy proposition. Fortunately, a new national network of "gold standard" labs is now available to eliminate much of the uncertainty.

Preparing for the Unknown

by Christina M. Flowers -

As the threat posed by international terrorism increases the nation's emergency-response community broadens the depth and variety of its training syllabus by focusing on cooperation, multi-agency drills & exercises, and an all-hazards curriculum.

Important Homeland Security Input: High-Ranking PNSR Group Releases Its Final Report

by Martin Masiuk -

The report, perhaps the most important and best grounded national-defense and homeland-security document released since 1947, includes numerous recommendations that, if fully implemented, will add immensely to current and future U.S. defense capabilities.

TERT Takes Toxic Approach to Emergency Response

by Shannon Arledge -

Chemicals, biological agents, and other dangerous substances are among the key instructional materials used to train hazmat technicians and other first responders participating in the CDP's upgraded "COBRA course" in Anniston, Alabama.

An Open Letter to the President-Elect

President-Elect Obama has promised that "change" will be the hallmark of his administration. Here are a few major changes that, it is respectfully suggested, he might consider in the fields of national defense and homeland security.