General Dennis Reimer, USA (Ret.) Former Army Chief of Staff and Director of MIPT

by John Morton -

Details of how emergency responders can benefit from, the Lessons Learned Information Sharing network, and what they can expect from the Pentagon's latest review of military support in light of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

A Score Card - and an Agenda!

by James D. Hessman -

The members of the 9-11 Commission release a grim new report on how well (how poorly is a more accurate description) the executive and legislative branches of government are doing to improve homeland security. Their consensus opinion: Flunking higher.

G. Thomas Steele, Chief Information Officer, Department of Safety and Homeland Security, State of Delaware

by John Morton -

His views on, among other topics, how the Delaware Information Analysis Center serves as a valuable link to the state's entire homeland-security community, and also interfaces with the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia.

Critical-Infrastructure Update: The Essential Components of Domestic Preparedness

by James D. Hessman -

A timely update on the steps already taken to protect the nation's critical infrastructure, and additional actions in the planning stage. Summary: Some gains, but too many hesitations, and still a long way to go.

Publisher's Message

by Martin Masiuk -

Critical Infrastructure: The long and difficult road ahead.

A Note From the Editor

by James D. Hessman -

The constitutional mandate to "Provide for the Common Defense" takes on new meaning in the Age of Terrorism and requires an updated strategy that includes protection of the U.S. homeland as a major mission of the nation's armed services.

Pandemic Influenza: A Catastrophe in Waiting?

by Jerry Mothershead -

Special Report on the threat to human life from a global avian influenza pandemic, and a long list of policies and programs that might be implemented to reduce the death toll.

Dr. James Jay Carafano, Homeland Security, The Heritage Foundation

by John Morton -

The Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute's senior fellow for national security and homeland security comments on numerous ways to improve federal, state, and local emergency-preparedness plans, policies, and programs.

Editor's Notes

by James D. Hessman -

An advance look at the several interrelated "Pan Flu" articles in this issue.

American Red Cross Always Prepares for the Worst-Case Scenario

by Martin Masiuk -

At a time when so many agencies at all levels of government were less prepared than they should have been, the American Red Cross responded immediately, effectively, and in force to save lives, provide food, shelter, and clothing for evacuees.