Rear Admiral David P. Pekoske, USCG, and Rear Admiral Brian M. Salerno, USCG

by John Morton -

Their views on current and future maritime-security operations, the USCG's relationships with other agencies, new security standards being considered, and the service's interface with the Navy, CBP, and various port stakeholders.

James Lee Witt, CEO, James Lee Witt Associates

by John Morton -

The former FEMA administrator discusses the agency's reorganization process, the proposed establishment of a national catastrophic-insurance fund, FEMA's working relationship with the ARC, and the rationale for upgrading the agency to cabinet-level.

Debris Monitors - Cleaning Up and Clearing Out

by Kirby McCrary -

The crisis is not really "over" until the paperwork has been completed - in full, on time, and frequently in triplicate. In the field of debris removal adherence to that old saying is sometimes the difference between bankruptcy and prosperity.

The Doctors Plot - Its Implications for America

by David Wright -

Security experts dismiss the attempt by Islamic doctors to blow up a London nightclub as an "amateurish" operation. But that misses the real point, which is that physicians - people who know how to make biological weapons - are now on the terrorist team.

Judith Miller, Author & Journalist

by John Morton -

The Pulitzer Prize winner's knowledgeable appraisal of how two of the nation's largest metropolitan police departments - in New York City and Los Angeles - are coping with the unique and steadily growing threats posed by international terrorism.

Debris Removal - How to Avoid Jurisdictional Disputes

by Kirby McCrary -

Several companies, each with a valid contract to clear debris from the same road. Who wins? Not the taxpayer, certainly. Advance planning can solve the problem, and a few federally funded programs will also help.

The What If Possibility: A Chilling Report

by John Morton -

A new and, unfortunately, highly credible report on the devastating ramifications of nuclear terrorist attacks against the U.S. homeland suggests that it is high time for the nation's elected leaders to start thinking about the previously unthinkable.

Mid-Atlantic States Brainstorm Planning for Public Safety Interoperable Communications (PSIC) Grant Submissions

by John Morton -

Federal officials provide insight to mid-Atlantic states as they finalize statewide plans for PSIC grant submissions. Seven states & the District of Columbia share how they are implementing interoperable communications.

Hampton University and ERVE: Academia Learns a Tragic Lesson

by Teresa Walker -

Even as the nation's colleges and universities were still mourning the tragic loss of life at Virginia Tech, one school was taking the steps needed to make its own faculty and students safer and more secure.

Paul E. Jarris, MD, MBA, Executive Director, Association of State And Territorial Health Officers, ASTHO

by John Morton -

His educated views on the "four essential components" of an effective public-health system, the need to integrate public-health preparedness responsibilities & resources, and the viability of the "one workforce" approach to public health.