Dr. Michael G. Kurilla, Director of the Office of BioDefense Research Affairs and Associate Director for BioDefense Product Development, NIAID

by John Morton -

Kurilla's views on the Institute's biodefense research initiatives, current and potential bioterror threats, vaccine development, and treatments for radiological and nuclear exposure.

Midterm Elections - Change Is Certain

by Martin Masiuk -

Preparedness to protect and respond against natural and man-made disasters still remains paramount. How will first responders, public health and borders/ports fare under new Congressional leadership? Will there be outreach or gridlock?

Detection Plus Inspection Equals Protection

by Martin Masiuk and Staff -

The race is not always to the swiftest, but in the field of WMD weapons it usually is on the side of nations willing to invest their time and talents to detect, deter, and eventually defeat WMD attacks launched by other nations.

All-Hazards Domestic Preparedness Professionals

by Martin Masiuk -

Last week's Mid-Atlantic All Hazards Forum in Baltimore was a major and productive event. It also was the likely harbinger of numerous similar conferences, involving all preparedness communities, in many other areas of the country.

DHS Funding. How Much Is Enough?

by James D. Hessman -

The Appropriations Bill signed into law last week was a major step forward. But it could be another case of too little and too late.

SBInet: What Happens Next?

by James D. Hessman -

Three more years of illegal immigration are likely, despite the award to Boeing of a contract to seal off the U.S. southern border. The political result could be less heat in this year's congressional elections, but a more vigorous debate in 2008.

Colonel George W. Korch Jr., USA, Commander, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases

by John Morton -

Korch discusses not only USAMRIID's own missions but also the close and increasingly important working relationship between the Institute and the nation's public-health and first-responder communities.

Marion Cain III, Director of DHS Center for Domestic Preparedness and Dr. Martha Lavender, CDP's Associate Director for Training and Education

by Martin Masiuk -

Cain discusses funding and the structure of classes; Lavender focuses on courses geared to first-responder needs.

DHS Needs a World-Class Acquisition Workforce

by Greg Rothwell -

Like many other federal agencies, the Department of Homeland Security is buying more supplies & equipment each year. But it is not hiring enough procurement professionals to ensure that the taxpayers' money is being spent wisely & for the right things.

R. James Woolsey, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

by John Morton -

The former director of central intelligence provides his insightful views on the long-term threat to world peace posed by Hezbollah, the "forgotten vulnerability" of the U.S./Canadian border, & the need to upgrade U.S. intelligence operations.