SBInet: What Happens Next?

by James D. Hessman -

Three more years of illegal immigration are likely, despite the award to Boeing of a contract to seal off the U.S. southern border. The political result could be less heat in this year's congressional elections, but a more vigorous debate in 2008.

Colonel George W. Korch Jr., USA, Commander, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases

by John Morton -

Korch discusses not only USAMRIID's own missions but also the close and increasingly important working relationship between the Institute and the nation's public-health and first-responder communities.

Marion Cain III, Director of DHS Center for Domestic Preparedness and Dr. Martha Lavender, CDP's Associate Director for Training and Education

by Martin Masiuk -

Cain discusses funding and the structure of classes; Lavender focuses on courses geared to first-responder needs.

DHS Needs a World-Class Acquisition Workforce

by Greg Rothwell -

Like many other federal agencies, the Department of Homeland Security is buying more supplies & equipment each year. But it is not hiring enough procurement professionals to ensure that the taxpayers' money is being spent wisely & for the right things.

R. James Woolsey, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

by John Morton -

The former director of central intelligence provides his insightful views on the long-term threat to world peace posed by Hezbollah, the "forgotten vulnerability" of the U.S./Canadian border, & the need to upgrade U.S. intelligence operations.

The Illegal-Immigration Issue: A Compromise and a Commission

by James D. Hessman -

The American people are confused about the illegal immigration issue, and angry that neither the president nor the Congress seems to know what to do about it. It says here, that a partial solution is still possible in the current session of Congress.

In-Car Police Video Systems Under Assault

by Neil C. Livingstone -

Although well-intentioned, proposed IACP regulations governing the type of imaging systems installed in police cars could lead to judicial chaos and prevent the trial and conviction of an untold number of criminals "caught in the act."

Former Fire Chief Lynn A. Miller, Emergency Management Coordinator, Winchester, VA

by John Morton -

Shares his views on the regionalization of emergency preparedness plans, operations, and training, the need for strong support from governors and other elected officials, and various related subjects.

Publishers Message; First Half of 2006 Exceeds Expectations

by Martin Masiuk -

Shifting to a weekly format, providing timely, concise solutions from professionals to professionals has been a hit with a growing audience.

Privatizing War? PMCs: The Invisible Force Multiplier

by Neil C. Livingstone -

Following the constitutional precedent established by the issuance of Letters of Marque and Reprisal, PMCs contributions may become critical to success on the Global War on Terrorism. Will the question of legality withstand the test?