Publisher's Message

by Martin Masiuk -

Critical Infrastructure: The long and difficult road ahead.

A Note From the Editor

by James D. Hessman -

The constitutional mandate to "Provide for the Common Defense" takes on new meaning in the Age of Terrorism and requires an updated strategy that includes protection of the U.S. homeland as a major mission of the nation's armed services.

Pandemic Influenza: A Catastrophe in Waiting?

by Jerry Mothershead -

Special Report on the threat to human life from a global avian influenza pandemic, and a long list of policies and programs that might be implemented to reduce the death toll.

Dr. James Jay Carafano, Homeland Security, The Heritage Foundation

by John Morton -

The Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute's senior fellow for national security and homeland security comments on numerous ways to improve federal, state, and local emergency-preparedness plans, policies, and programs.

Editor's Notes

by James D. Hessman -

An advance look at the several interrelated "Pan Flu" articles in this issue.

Roger Cressey, President, Good Harbor Consulting

by John Morton -

The former White House advisor discusses the hurricane recovery and response operations, the implications for a DHS reorganization--and for the possible use of the military to cope with future disasters--and the role of the private sector.

License to Kill: The Right Policy for Dealing With Suicide Bombers?

by Neil C. Livingstone -

London police bungled both the job and the explanation. But how else - other than shoot to kill - does a nation, any nation, protect its citizens in this new Age of Terrorism?

American Red Cross Always Prepares for the Worst-Case Scenario

by Martin Masiuk -

At a time when so many agencies at all levels of government were less prepared than they should have been, the American Red Cross responded immediately, effectively, and in force to save lives, provide food, shelter, and clothing for evacuees.

After the Storm: A Flood of Compassion Healing the Wounded, in the City That Care Forgot

by Michael Sohmer -

How a disaster medical-assistance team from San Diego deployed immediately to Baton Rouge, then to New Orleans, to provide help to the helpless citizens of the Crescent City in their time of maximum peril.

The Other Gulf War

by Martin Masiuk -

DomPrep's publisher discusses the impact of Hurricane Katrina, several changes and upgrades in the IMR Goup' domestic-preparedness publications, and the company's roadmap to an even more productive future.