How the NDMS Can Be Made More Effective

by Michael Allswede -

The Spirit of Volunteerism is a noble virtue, and has been embraced by millions of Americans. Many of them volunteer once too often, though, creating a difficult dilemma for NDMS and other agencies that have a joint claim on their skills and services.

Cold Calculations and the Search for Inner Warmth

by Joseph Cahill -

A timely and temperate reminder that cold weather may be and is uncomfortable, but extremely cold weather can kill. Among those in the greatest danger, surprisingly enough, are EMS staff and other responders.

Emerging Infections and Their Impact on EMS

by Raphael Barishansky -

"New" diseases, combined with the fatal rebirth of ancient diseases believed to have been terminally laid to rest, are giving epidemiologists, EMS agencies and responders, and healthcare workers a daunting challenge of epic proportions.

Safety: Those Who Stay Behind

by Joseph Cahill -

The evacuation of a major city devastated by a natural disaster or an act of terrorism takes multi-agency cooperation, numerous training drills, & dedicated professionals who have the courage needed to stay in place while saving the lives of others.

Hospital Security: An Age-Old Problem Becomes Increasingly Important

by Craig DeAtley -

The nation's healthcare workers could become an endangered species if numerous planned improvements in hospital security are not funded and implemented in the near future. Here is a quick look at some of the innovative design upgrades recently introduced.

H5N1: Still Waiting in the Wings - An Updated Assessment of the Pandemic Flu Threat

by Steven Harrison -

Just in case the United States, & the rest of the world, did not have enough to worry about, recent public-health reports provide a timely reminder that new pandemics, possibly the most disastrous ever, could still strike at any time.

A Matter of Mutual Trust: The Fallout from Katrina; the Effect on Gustav

by Joseph Cahill -

With nations as with individuals, the most tragic failures sometimes lead to the most stunning successes. Provided the right lessons are learned - and then fully and carefully implemented.

Filling the Equipment Inventory: Some Relevant Questions

by Joseph Cahill -

The well-dressed first responder can take with him or her a limited amount of equipment to the incident scene. The selection of that equipment may be, and often is, a literally life-or-death matter.

The All Threats Agent Content System (ATACS): A CDC Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Information Management System

by Joe Posid -

"Learning by Doing" was the guideline used by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in responding to the anthrax attacks in 2001 by developing a new and highly sophisticated multipurpose bioterrorism detection system.

Planning for a Mass Evacuation: Contraflow, Katrina, and Gustav

by Joseph Cahill -

Get out of town before the hurricane hits! Everyone! That was the warning issued by the state of Louisiana and City of New Orleans before both Katrina and Gustav. The warning worked - the second time around.