Preparing to Cope With a Pandemic Flu

by Michael Allswede -

There are several ways, none of them easy-or 100 percent certain-to fight a pandemic that could kill hundreds of thousands of everyday citizens. The Los Alamos project suggests that the first-responder focus should be on vaccinations.

EMS Hazardous Duty: Not for the Meek

by Joseph Cahill -

The members of EMS units are among the first to respond to major disasters in their home communities. They also are on the front lines of danger, particularly in HazMat incidents, and for that reason alone must be among the best prepared & protected.

Rx: A Medical Support Plan for Homeland Defense

by Duane Caneva -

Federal, state, and local disaster-preparedness plans all emphasize the need for adequate medical support. But very little has yet been done to ensure that such support will in fact be available when it is actually needed.

The Role of Medical Systems in Homeland Defense

by Michael Allswede -

U.S. medical system is the world's finest in many respects. However, few if any American hospitals are properly staffed & equipped to deal with this year's hurricanes, much less one or more new terrorist attacks that could cause thousands of casualties.

Isolation & Quarantine: How, When, and How Much

by Jerry Mothershead -

From the Black Plague through colonial days to SARS outbreaks, the practice of isolating infected people from the rest of society has been considered a necessary evil. It has not always been a helpful one, & healthcare professionals have paid the price.

Evacuation Planning: A Long, Long Way to Go

by Joseph Cahill -

The laws are in place, but are usually unenforceable. Transportation assets are available, but are almost always overcommitted. Clear mandates from local, state, & federal decisionmakers are obviously needed to restore order from the current chaos.

What Is an Ambulance?

by Joseph Cahill -

It used to be two strong men and a hearse. Modern EMS workers are now much better equipped to provide early lifesaving support both at the scene of an accident or incident and while en route to the nearest hospital or other medical facility.

The Need for Surge Capacity: Patience Is Not the Solution!

by Joseph Cahill -

The time is NOW to develop detailed plans for the implementation of the mutual-aid agreements without which almost all hospitals in any given area of the country will be forced to rely on stopgap measures--inadequate and too late--to cope with a major di

Pandemic Influenza and the Need for an Armageddon Plan

by Joseph Cahill -

The numerous complex factors involved in the step-by-step preparations to fight a violent, virulent, and invisible enemy.

Public Health at the End of the World

by Joseph Cahill -

The nation's public-health professionals played a major support role during and immediately after Katrina hit land - and will continue to do so long after most other first responders have gone home.