Parking Security: A Lot to Think About

by Neil C. Livingstone -

An underground garage open to the general public and poorly lighted is an open invitation to a robber, a rapist, or a murderer. Also to a terrorist whose life's ambition is to kill as many Americans as possible, even at the cost of his own life.

Stadium and Venue Security

by Neil C. Livingstone -

Crowd control is today both a challenge and a necessity, as demonstrated by the Beijing Olympics and this summer's political conventions. The controls used, though, are often resented, and frequently expensive - but not as costly as a terrorist attack.

International Standards for National Defense & Homeland Security

by Diana Hopkins -

There are many reasons - e.g., future sales, & an infusion of outside expertise - for including international partners in the setting of standards. There are also legal & security factors to consider, particularly in the fields of weapons & technology.

Standards for Sharing Intelligence and Information

by Diana Hopkins -

It has taken years to remedy the intelligence-sharing deficiencies reported by the 9-11 Commission, but Congress and the President have worked hard to overcome the ignorance and apathy that once were the norm but are now the exception.

Standards Organizations: A Helpful Road Map for Emergency Responders

by Diana Hopkins -

Where are standards these days? And who (or what agency) decides on them, determines their content, announces and implements them, and - if necessary and permitted by law - enforces them?

Proven Reliability: Always the Most Essential Consideration

by Diana Hopkins -

EMS Buyer Beware! Price is always an important factor in the purchase of high-tech systems and devices, but the first and absolutely most important factor must be performance. In other words, it either works as advertised, or it does not.

The Intro 650 Debate: NYC's Controversial Threat-Detector Legislation

by Diana Hopkins -

Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Council say that passage of Intro 650 is essential to protect NYC from future terrorist attacks. Opponents see fatal flaws in the bill, and want answers to some important questions.

Proactive Standards Development for Emergency Responders

by Diana Hopkins -

Anything worth doing is worth doing well - and in accordance with established standards not only acceptable to experienced professionals but also recognized by the community at large as both valid and necessary.

The Highway Watch Program: Homeland Security on the Open Road!

by Joseph DiRenzo III and Christopher Doane -

The innovative DHS/ATA "Highway Watch" program enlists tens of thousands of professional drivers as "Irregulars" in the homeland-security volunteer community and, as a bonus, makes the nation's highways and byways safer for all Americans.

The Need for a National Port Readiness Standard

by Gavin O'Hare -

A terrorist attack on a U.S. seaport could be much more costly, in lives as well as dollars, than the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon and the WTC Towers. The DOD Readiness Reporting System could be a good model for a DHS maritime-security variant.