AcuTemp® Thermal Systems Introduces New Thermal Pallet Shipper for Over-the-Road Transportation of Temperature Sensitive Goods

Dayton, Ohio USA, - AcuTemp Thermal Systems, a manufacturer of high performance insulation and temperature sensitive packaging technology, announces the release of the AcuTemp® AX2100LG temperature management cargo unit for ground transportation.  The AcuTemp AX2100LG is precision engineered to ensure the temperature of critical payloads and allows user s to s hip pallet-size loads of pharmaceuticals, bio-medical products, medical equipment, electronics and other temperature sensitive cargo over the road with confidence. The AcuTemp AX2100LG features active temperature management technology utilizing high efficiency refrigeration and heating systems enhanced by the unmatched thermal efficiency of AcuTemp Thermal Systems’ proprietary ThermoCor® high performance insulation.  The AX2100LG is engineered to provide precise temperature control between +4°C (+39.2°F) and +25°C (+77°F) using either AC or battery power.  The unit is capable of maintaining a user-selected internal temperature for over 100 hours on battery power alone..  Additionally, the unit is equipped with a sophisticated data logging system to verify that the cargo was maintained at the required temperature while in transit.  Detailed temperature reporting includes the monitoring of internal temperature, ambient temperature, battery state, door o pening s and power mode changes (from AC to battery).  All reporting data is easily downloadable via electronic serial communication.  The AcuTemp AX2100LG accepts standard GMA pallets in any orientation and is equipped with a forkliftable base for ease in loading/unloading the unit during transport.  The AcuTemp AX2100LG was designed with proprietary technology (patents pending) to withstand the tough rigors of loading, transporting and shipping. “The AcuTemp AX2100LG provides our customers with a superior solution for transporting temperature sensitive products where ground transportation is the mode of transport,” states Vince Reidy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “We have seen particular interest in the AX2100LG from companies utilizing a closed looped shipping scenario for transporting temperature sensitive goods used in manufacturing, drug development and clinical trial applications, and by OTR trucking operations wishing to expand their offerings to customers requiring reliable and verifiable temperature sensitive shipping services.”   “Because the AX2100LG is a self-contained temperature controlled unit, it provides significant value to the end customer since it does not require using a dedicated refrigerated truck for less than truck load shipments,” says Reidy.  “Additionally, since the unit is equipped with sophisticated compressor technology and does not utilize dry ice for cooling, the costs and hazards associated with handling dry ice are eliminated. This cold chain logistics solution will help improve operational efficiency and reduce the total cost to move temperature sensitive products through the supply chain,” Reidy adds. For additional information regarding purchase or lease of AcuTemp’s AX2100LG thermal pallet shipper in ground shipment applications, contact AcuTemp Thermals Systems at 937.312.0114 or www.acutemp.com. AcuTemp Thermal Systems, along with partner, AmSafe Bridport, will market a companion thermal pallet unit, the AcuTemp AX2100L, to the air cargo industry later this year.  FAA certification of the AcuTemp AX2100L is currently underway.  For information regarding purchase or leasing options for the air-certified AcuTemp AX2100L unit, contact Steven Boyd at AmSafe Bridport at 310.477.6714 or www.amsafe.com.AcuTemp Thermal Systems designs and manufactures reliable thermal management products used to maintain valuable payloads at the right temperature during transit. By combining the company’s proprietary high performance ThermoCor® insulation with advanced engineering design, AcuTemp offers a range of solutions integrating active and passive temperature control technologies for the cold chain.  Offerings range from small passive shipping boxes to large active pallet-size shipping containers equipped with sophisticated data logging capabilities.  The company also offers advanced thermal testing and package validation services in its ISTA-certified testing laboratory.  AcuTemp products are marketed directly and through distributors to businesses with temperature sensitive requirements in the pharmaceutical, biotechnolog y, pub lic health, military and transportation/logistics markets worldwide. The company is privately held and is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, USA.For more information, contact:Linda A. Raisch, Marketing CoordinatorPhone: (937) 312.0114 Ext 280Email: lraisch@acutemp.com   AcuTemp Thermal Systems2900 Dryden RoadDayton, OH 45459Phone: (937) 312.0114Fax: (937) 312.1277Email: info@acutemp.comwww.acutemp.com