Alexeter Announces Private-Sector Biological Security Training

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Alexeter Technologies, LLC of Wheeling, IL today announced the launchof the Corporate Biological Terrorism Awareness Course, believed to be the onlycomprehensive bio-terrorism training tailored exclusively toward the private workplace.  The introductory session was delivered to major New York City area corporate clients this past week.

 The two-day course gives employees, safety managers and security professionals thetools and training they need to recognize and evaluate potential biological, chemical andother threats in the workplace.  Coursematerials draw from current policies and recommendations from numerous sources includingthe Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)and various national emergency response associations. Participants are able to draw from the experiences of  actual emergency responders in developing their owninternal response and recovery plans.

 By specifically training employees to recognize when a credible threat exists andwhen the situation is unlikely to present a threat, organizations can make betterdecisions about when to call for additional resources, allowing them to react properly andsafely given the threat level presented.

 Conducted by a team of first response professionals, this training coursecomplements Alexeters Guardian Reader System for biological threat assessment, now inplace with over 200 corporate clients around the globe.

Alexeter Technologies is a closely-held limited liability companylocated in the northern suburbs of Chicago, IL. 

For more information, contact Alexeter Technologies at 877-591-5571 or visit us at www.alexeter.com.