Alexeter Introduces Defender TSR: Hand-Held Biological Identification System

Alexeter Technologies is introducing the DefenderTSR™ (Test Strip Reader), the first truly hand-held biologicalentification instrument. Designed for field use, the Defender features improved sensitivity and new features only possible with Windows Mobile® software. Offering the widest selection of tests, the Defender uses the same reliable tests you currently use with your Guardian Reader™. Anthrax, ricin, botulinum toxin (detects both A and B types), staphylococcal enterotoxin B, plague, tularemia, brucella and orthopox. Contact Alexeter for detail and a special upgrade offer.   Defender Highlights:  
  • Wireless connectivity for immediate technical support, network access and documentation: Wi-Fi (802.11x), Bluetooth® and USB
  • BioHaz™ software assists you every step of the way
  • HAZMAT and Aerial Dispersion software available
  • Integrated user tutorial on the instrument
  • Hand-Held, the Defender weighs one pound
  • Fast Setup: Ready to go in 30 seconds
  • Quick Results: First results in 15 minutes
  • Parallel testing capability, run 8 tests in 40 minutes!
  • Automatic and Manual mode
  • Completely self-calibrating, no user action required
  • GPS capability optional
  Contact: Tom Fryzel Phone: (877) 591-5571Email: service@alexeter.comWebsite: http://www.alexeter.com