Alexeter Introduces the Defender TSR Biological Detection Instrument

Alexeter Technologies, manufacturer of the Guardian Reader SystemTM , currently the world’s leading rapid biological detection &entification solution, has taken the next logical step: introducing field-portable capabilities for HAZMAT and security agencies. The Defender TSR (Test Strip Reader) features Alexeter’s intuitive bioHAZTM software and a high resolution color screen that sets a new standard for ease-of-use. The Defender TSR is the first truly hand-held biological detection &entification device, field-ready with a complete offering of 8 biological tests, with more to come. The Defender also boasts improved sensitivity in this smaller package. Connectivity is near-universal with multiple wireless capabilities including WiFi (802.11b), IrDA, Bluetooth® and USB interface. The Defender connects seamlessly to any network, including the Internet, allowing secure data transmission for technical support and documentation. Whenever you need help, Alexeter’s Technical Support team can view your results, assisting you 24/7 in near real-time, with any issue. Utilizing the industry-standard Windows MobileTM operating system and Alexeter’s Defender bioHAZTM software, the Defender runs on advanced lithium-ion batteries or line power.  First results are available in 18 minutes, 8 tests can be run in parallel in 24 minutes.  The Defender’s throughput is 60 tests per hour. Contact: Tom Fryzel Phone: (847) 419-1507 Fax: (847) 419-1648Email: tfryzel@alexeter.com www.alexeter.com