American Innovations Inc. Announces Release of the Company's New Explosives Trace Detector

Suitable for first responders, military personnel, K-9 support teams, and security checkpoints the XD-2i Explosives Trace Detector will reliably detect over 40 explosives in 1 to 30 seconds and without false positives.  Using patent pending reagents, the XD-2i detects Homemade Explosives, Black Powder, Liquid Explosives, Ammonium Nitrate, Plastic Explosives, Chlorates, Explosive Taggants, and many other wet or dry threat explosives.  Detection time varies based on the type of explosives detected.    Rugged and portable, the XD-2i was originally designed for first responders.  After successful testing under extreme environmental conditions like high humidity, extreme temperatures, elevated altitudes, and outdoor use including desert-like terrain it became obvious why the XD-2i incorporating Explosives Detection Chemistry was optimal for countless explosives detection applications.   The specialized design enables users with no checkpoint screening experience or explosives detection training to easily and reliably operate this explosives detector.  Simple step by step, color coded and sequentially numbered (1, 2, 3) instructions are given to the operator directly by the XD-2i.  Aside from test swipes and harmless solutions, there are no consumables to be concerned about either.  Unlike other explosives trace detectors costing more to own, operate, and maintain the XD-2i requires no warm-up time, no calibrating, no downtime after explosives are detected, and virtually no operator training. This portable explosives detector supports swab and swipe sampling and iseal for screening broken cargo, luggage, mail, packages, skin, unattended or suspect items, vehicles and more.  Analyzing bulk explosives are also within the performance parameters of this new explosives trace detector.

The XD-2i may be purchased through GSA contract GS-07F-5556P or direct.    For more information about American Innovations, Inc. or their XD-2i call 845-371-3333 or visit www.BombDetection.com