AristaTek Announces the Next Generation of Interoperable Hazmat Incident Decision Support Software

AristaTek, the leading supplier of Hazmat incident decision support software, is proud to announce the availability of its latest version (6.0) of the PEAC-WMD software. The application now includes:

  • A host of new Interoperability Tools allowing Hazmat responders to communicate current incident status, conditions, and information to their command post and anywhere else information is needed. These tools allow on-scene responders to instantly e-mail actual PEAC data screens and modeling result reports from the incident site to any remote location. The PEAC software also generates Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) files, providing specific information in an XML format to other agencies or higher command levels.
  • Over 100 Advanced Life Support/Basic Life Support (ALS/BLS) Protocols necessary to render emergency treatment to exposed individuals.
  • A new Pool Fire Calculation Tool.
  • New tools to help responders visualize safe standoff distances or exclusion zones as polygons on street maps.  In addition to the previous PEACMap tool, a new mapping tool via an interface to Google Earth™ is available. As before, the ESRI shape files polygons are available to utilize with existing GIS platforms.
  • Incident Management Tools enable your agency to complete NIMS Forms, and utilizing the new PEAC Incident Manager, allows your agency to search and analyze procedures and protocols employed at the incident.

In addition, in response to the needs of PEAC users, AristaTek also announces the availability of new onsite and web-based training programs with the goal of providing both initial and on-going proficiency training to Hazmat responders.

Please visit www.aristatek.com for a full presentation of AristaTek’s new release of the PEAC-WMD software and for a description of the training courses provided.

AristaTek supports the goal by providing the finest Hazmat decision support tool available and encourages a comprehensive state of readiness by providing multiple resources for training new users and maintaining the highest proficiency levels for all Hazmat responders.

For more information please contact:

Lars Sturlin Phone: (877) 912-2200 Email: larss@aristatek.com

Robert A. Garber Phone: (719) 481-3937 Email: bobgarber@aristatek.com