Automated Radiation Measurement Station Now Operational at Virginia Department of Health Building

Boulder, CO - Apogee Communications Group announces NukAlert’s Automated Radiation Measurement Station (ARMS) is now sending real time radiation reports from the Virginia Department of Health’s building in Richmond to FEMA’s RadReponder Network. The ARMS provides 24/7 radiation monitoring and can initiate shutoff of air intake to a building’s HVAC system when a user defined radiation level is reached. The ARMS can also notify multiple users, by text and email, of radiation alerts. http://bit.ly/1EvEwvS

Apogee distributes NukAlert’s radiation detection devices to government and corporate accounts. The NukAlert’s radiation equipment has been tested by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and reports radiation from 1µR/hr to 700R/hr with no saturation below 1,000R/hr. The RadResponder Network collects real time radiation reports from local, state, and federal agencies. The network reports live data needed to characterize the incident and support lifesaving decisions.

About Apogee Communications Group NukAlert has been manufacturing radiation detection equipment for more than 15 years. Our radiation detection equipment is designed to provide accurate radiation readings from 1µR/hr to 700R/hr with no saturation to 1,000R/hr. The NukAlert-ER has been tested by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Our equipment is in use by military, law enforcement, emergency responders, commercial buildings, hospitals and the public. Both the NukAlert Automated Radiation Measurement Station and NukAlert Data Gateway can send text and email radiation alerts. Our devices are sending live radiation reports to FEMA’s RadResponder Network. We provide source code for our web map feature to government and corporate users. All of our equipment in made in the USA.

For more information, contact: Arthur Levy Apogee Communications Group 159 Alpine Way Boulder, CO 80304 Phone: 303.443.8473 Email: sales@apogeepreparedness.com Website: www.apogeepreparedness.com