Avon Protection Systems Lands $112M U.S. Government Mask Contract

In a deal worth $112 million, Avon Protection Systems, part of Avon Rubber p.l.c., has been appointed by the US Government to supply M50 military respirators to all four US armed forces under the US Joint Services General Purpose Mask (JSGPM) program. The multi-year contract will involve the supply of 100,000 M50 respirators a year for the next five years as they are phased in for military use, replacing the M40 and M17 models. Lightweight and low-bulk, the M50 mask was designed and developed by Avon Protection Systems specifically to meet new JSGPM requirements in the US. Offering up to 24 hours of protection, the mask improves mission performance in situations involving hazardous materials such as chemical warfare agents, radioactive dust, biological threats and a wide range of toxic industrial chemicals. Many of the mask components are manufactured at Avon’s state of the art manufacturing plant in the UK. Under the same contract, pricing has been submitted for an ‘additional requirements’ option. This would provide significant demand for masks and spares in excess of the 100,000 per year over a period of up to ten years. “This is a hugely significant milestone in the Avon Group’s development,” says Peter Slabbert, Chief Executive at Avon Protection Systems. “Together with the requirements option, this is likely to be the largest respiratory protection contract ever placed. It will deliver a long-term, growing and profitable revenue stream.” For further information on the M50 and other key respiratory equipment, please visit www.avon-protection.com. About the M50 The M50 has been developed to counter the multiple threats encountered in modern war fighting and peacekeeping operations. It provides high protection against traditional chemical warfare agents, radioactive dusts, biological threats and a wide range of toxic industrial chemicals. Using the latest digital design techniques and Avon’s unique rubber compounds, the M50 provides several innovative features. A revolutionary cast flexible visor offers wide, optically correct vision together with being impact and scratch resistant. Close fitting, curved conformal filters offer improved weight distribution and reduced breathing resistance, as well as enhanced protection against toxic industrial agents. An integrated Electronic CommunicationPort allows for an internal microphone for communication systems. The design allows for excellent integration with personal issue equipment and crew served weapon systems. The CV variant for in-vehicle applications comes with an air feed hose and integrated hood. About Avon Protection p.l.c. Avon Rubber p.l.c. is an international polymer engineering group adding value through material, manufacturing and industry sector expertise. The Group is currently capitalised at approximately £32 million. Avon supplies a range of advanced CBRN respiratory protection solutions through Avon Protection Systems Inc. to the world’s military and police forces, as well as first responders and emergency services. Avon Rubber p.l.c. owns Avon-ISI, which designs, develops and manufactures a range of self-contained breathing apparatus for fire, rescue and law enforcement, as well as military applications. Avon Rubber p.l.c. also owns Avon Engineered Fabrications manufacturing products including hovercraft skirting and flexible storage tanks and a world leading dairy business manufacturing dairy liners and tubing. For more information, contact: Julia Wills, Avon Protection Phone: +44 (0)1225 896705 Email: protection@avon-rubber.com Andy Parker, Spa PR Phone: +44 (0)1242 245789 Email: andy@spapublicrelations.com