Axsys IR Systems EOSS 250 TC is a premier long range surveillance and security solution for mobile and stationary land, air and sea related operations.

Thermal imaging solutions since 1976Axsys IR Systems EOSS 250 TC is a premier long range surveillance and security solution for mobile and stationary land, air and sea related operations. Using Axsys IR Systems proven technology, the EOSS  250 TC offers one of the most comprehensive integrated thermal imaging systems available today.The EOSS 250 TC’s tri field of view thermal imager will detect man-sized targets at ranges in excess of 4.5km in good conditions. Operating in the 3-5 micron spectral region, it utilizes advanced cooled photodetector technology in a 320 x 256 InSb, 30 micron pitch focal plane array. The EOSS 250 TC’s optical systems are protected with Axsys IR Systems proprietary diamond-like hard carbon coating designed for use in the harshest of conditions, while the interior elements utilize extremely efficient anti-reflection coatings that provide outstanding transmission in all environments. The EOSS 250 TC is self-contained in a nitrogen backfilled environmentally sound enclosure.The EOSS 250 TC’s impressive integrated system features an optional laser rangefinder; optional laser illuminator/pointer for long range target location, as well as a visible camera with 18x optical zoom, mounted on a 360° pan/tilt base. The integrated joystick controller operates the system with single push button interaction.The EOSS 250 TC’s pan/tilt mechanism incorporates integral cold weather heater controls. For ease of use, the EOSS 250 TC system offers a video overlay processor for on screen symbology. Smooth accurate operation is assured via utilization of an advanced motion control product ultilizing “Smart Motor” technology. The system also utilizes ‘Animatics’ fully integrated brushless servo motors that incorporate a PID motion controller, encoder, and amplifier. To accommodate accuracy for the three fields of view, a higher speed dynamic range is incorporated, which ranges from 0.01° to 110° per second. All of these key features come together to give you increased reliability, fewer parts, a higher MTBF, while using the industry standard in robotics, and CNC machines. The EOSS 250 TC system offers 100 pre-set positions for maximum detection capabilities. Another key feature is the matching field of view of the visible camera to the thermal imager in all three fields of view. To allow it’s capability in all varieties of weather, the thermal imager offers a “Day Mode” which gives a 33% boost in resolution performance to desert scene environments with a one touch button action. Also in marine environments, the High Sensitivity Button gives a 33% boost in resolution for high humidity environments. The EOSS 250 TC is an extremely versatile system which can handle your thermal imaging needs in tough environments with long range, and quality optics.Since 1976 Axsys IR Systems has provided leading equipment to the security and surveillance sector. Axsys IR Systems proprietary optical design, state-of-the-art electronics, and vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities ensure maximum performance and dependability.Axsys Technologies, Inc.282 Main St.Salem, NH 03079Contact 603-898-1880 ext. 238 (customer service)