Bruker Daltonics Announces Launch of E2M Environmental & Emergency Mass Spectrometer for Real-Time On-Site GC/MS Chemical Analysis

GOTHENBURG, Sweden - At the 9th International CBW Protection Symposium, Bruker Daltonics today announces the launch of its new Environmental & Emergency Mass Spectrometer, called the E2M(TM), a mobile, lightweight and rugged GC/MS system for fast, reliable onsiteentification and quantification of organic substances in soil, air, water and on surfaces. The E2M instrument has been developed in close conjunction with fire brigades, first responders and disaster management authorities to provide the high specificity and analytical reliability of a gas chromatography mass spectrometer (GC/MS) in an easy-to-use, compact and fieldable instrument. Bruker Daltonics' robust E2M is the successor to the highly successful EM 640 and Viking GC/MS systems. The E2M is considerably lighter (35 kg) and smaller in size than its predecessors, while featuring further enhanced field analytical capabilities. It complements Bruker's military-hardened mil-spec MM-2 mobile mass spectrometers, used for CWA detection in defense applications. Training and operator skill requirements for the E2M have been significantly reduced and the reliability and robustness of this GC/MS system are impressive. The E2M can be mounted in vehicles or ships and can be operated while moving. It is designed to be used in a wide range of chemical detection applications, for example for infrastructure protection, for event security, for mobile emergency response, as well as for on-site analysis and environmental protection. The E2M is modular and offers several complementary sampling methods that fire brigades and other emergency services utilize during their missions. Mr. Sebastian Meyer-Plath, Bruker Daltonics' Vice President for Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Radiation (CBRN) detection, commented: "Bruker Daltonics has more than two decades of experience with mobile mass spectrometers, and has worked with a large number of first responders and field analytical teams all over the world. Moreover, having worked alongside the German blue light services during the 2006 FIFA Football World Cup, several additional user requirements had to be taken into account. The result is our state-of-the-art E2M, designed to be the analytical backbone of first responders, blue light services and mobile analysis teams globally."For more information, contact:Frank Thibodeau, Vice PresidentBruker Daltonics NBC Detection Corp.Phone: (978) 663-3660Website: www.bdal.com