Bruker Expands Remote Infrared Gas Detection and Analysis Capabilities

Following Bruker’s acquisition of Sigma ElectroOptics GmbH in December 2010, Bruker is launching its expanded product line for remote infrared detection of hazardous gases in industrial, environmental and homeland security applications at Pittcon 2011. These new Bruker products are used for Toxic Industrial Chemical (TIC) gas detection and visualization of clouds of released gases, e.g. for detecting and localizing pipeline leaks.

The new Bruker SIGIS 2 (Scanning Infrared Gas Imaging System) is a scanning imaging remote sensing system based on the combination of an infrared spectrometer with a single detector element and a scanner system. The combination of a rotating head with a scanning mirror allows 360 degree observation and true chemical imaging. The SIGIS 2 complements Bruker’s existing EM27 research grade and RAPIDTM line of mil-spec FT-IR remote sensing systems. SIGIS 2 allowsentification, quantification, and visualization of potentially hazardous gas clouds from long distances.

Bruker’s dedicated gas imager GI 384 LW has been developed specifically for industrial applications. It allows the visualization of gas plumes in real-time and is a highly efficient tool for leak detection in industrial environments. The gas imager is based on detection of infrared radiation in the so-called long wave infrared spectral region, resulting in high sensitivity at ambient temperatures. The main application is detection of natural gas (methane), but the GI 384 LW system can be configured to detect other gases.

Mr. Urban Faeh, President of Bruker Optics, commented: “Technical synergies between Bruker and Sigma will accelerate the development and introduction of next-generation gas analysis instrumentation, including novel hyperspectral infrared imaging products. Combined with Bruker’s worldwide distribution capabilities, the newly introduced Bruker SIGIS 2 and GI 384 LW systems will ensure our strong position in infrared remote gas sensing for industrial and homeland security applications.”

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