Bulldog Technologies Announces Launch of RoadBOSS GTS Global Tracking Seal

RICHMOND, British Columbia - Bulldog Technologies Inc. (OTC BB: BLLD) Bulldog Technologis is proud to announce the official launch of their newest product, the RoadBOSS GTS, (Global Tracking Seal) providing an unprecedented level of security for intermodal containers and trailers traveling across the nation or around the world. The RoadBOSS GTS is the latest development in Electronic Wireless Seals employing existing worldwide communication channels, GPS location technology, and Bulldog’s patented sealing mechanism that positively secures both locking bars of a container or trailer. The RoadBOSS GTS is easy to use, arming automatically. In addition to security, the unit provides supply chain visibility, increasing efficiency and contributing to corporate bottom-line performance. Robust in construction, and designed for the harsh environments of the trucking industry and international port facilities, it is built for years of trouble free service and can last for months on a single battery charge. Independent of the trailer or container, there is no need for installing, wiring, or retrofitting; the unit simply snaps on to both locking bars and is ready to go.  Because of the integral GSM/GPRS modem, there are no cumbersome readers to install in ports or distribution centers, and no handheld readers to lose or fall into the hands of unscrupulous thieves.  It relies on the global cellular network to communicate real time alarm and seal status reports directly to your email or text messaging service. The RoadBOSS GTS provides a tamper indicative red light/green light LED to visually indicate an illicit intrusion.  Used in conjunction with BOSStrak, Bulldog’s recently introduced web based tracking and security software platform, remote users can trace the route of the cargo through a protected login on the internet. Users are informed of container break-ins immediately through e-mail or text messaging with the current location and seal status. A comprehensive Management Reporting Tool incorporates GEOZone and time zone parameters to customize exception reports and eliminate alarms generated by authorized access.In cooperation with local and international governments, the RoadBOSS GTS is used to ensure all tariffs and duties owing are collected on the contents.  By providing assurance of seal integrity and a documented trace of the route and time taken for travel, the RoadBOSS GTS ensures there is no cargo removed or introduced into the container from the time it leaves the point of stuffing to its final destination.  Bulldog has outlined this application with case studies in the National Level Cross Border Shipping Whitepaper that is available by emailing your request to info@bulldog-tech.com. Bulldog’s President and CEO, John Cockburn, who has pioneered, developed and obtained the patent on Bulldog’s Global Tracking Seal concept said, “After many years of research and development, talking with industry experts, law enforcement, and studying the ways in which thieves steal cargo, we have built the RoadBOSS GTS solution to positively safeguard our global supply chain.” About Bulldog TechnologiesBULLDOG TECHNOLOGIES INC. is an experienced and well-established designer and manufacturer of wireless security solutions and sensor networks designed to monitor and secure valuable cargo in the global supply chain. For further information, visit Bulldog on the Web at http://www.bulldog-tech.comPress Contact:Bulldog Technologies Inc.Jan RoscovichPhone: (604) 271-8656Email: jroscovich@bulldog-tech.com