BW Technologies is Proud to Present the GasAlertMicro5 PID

BW Technologies is proud to present the GasAlertMicro5 PID.  The latest in Multi-gas detection the GasAlertMicro5 PID provides simultaneous monitoring of up to five gases including oxygen, combustibles, a range of toxic gases and Volatile Organic Compounds.  The lightweight, compact, and water resistant design delivers cutting-edge protection and iseally suited for a wide range of applications, including hazmat response, confined space entry, search and rescue, and post-inspection fire safety.

GasAlertMicro5 PID's features include high-output audible/visual/vibrator alarms; low, high. TWA and STEL alarm settings; a large alphanumeric LCD; two LEL measuring units (0-100% LEL and 0-5% by volume methane); a built-in concussion-proof boot; optional data-logging capabilities and a water resistant design. An optional Integral motorized pump for remote sampling is also available.

Field-selectable user options allow the GasAlertMicro5 PID to be customized to virtually any environment.  Calibration due-dates and alarm settings can be configured to meet specific industry requirements, and the pass code protect function ensures tamper-proof operation by preventing unauthorized users from accessing calibration options.

GasAlertMicro5 PID's flexible power option (three AA alkaline or a rechargeable battery pack) reduces downtime and provide up to 20 hours of continuous use.

At just 370 grams (13.1 oz), the GasAlertMicro5 PID is truly more for less.

For more information about GasAlertMicro5 PID, visit www.gasmonitors.com

Contact: BW Technologies 2840 2nd Avenue, SE Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2A 7X9