Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Announces Public Health Information Rapid Exchange (PHIRE)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a trusted source of important, timely information concerning actual or potential public health emergencies. PHIRE, the CDC Public Health Information Rapid Exchange, is a system that sends important real-time health information to select subscribers based on their preferences. For example, the system enables CDC to rapidly disseminate alerts about evidence of suspected pandemic influenza in the United States.

Registered users can log on to change their notification preferences, their e-mail address, password, or other subscription information.

It only takes a few minutes to subscribe if you have not already registered. Your Information – such as primary work setting and county – enables CDC to select emergency health information that will be most relevant to you, the subscriber. If evidence of unusual numbers of influenza cases is discovered in your geographic area, for example, PHIRE can notify you and other users in your area.

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