CopperEye and ThorpeGlen Announce Partnership to Help Combat International Terrorism

Stamford CT.- CopperEye, a leading provider of enterprise- archiving solutions, today announced it has partnered with ThorpeGlen, a leader in providing monitoring, analysis and response capabilities for homeland security, organized crime and major frauds.  The partnership was developed specifically to address emerging Asian anti-terrorism legislation requirements.  Under the agreement, ThorpeGlen will integrate and resell CopperEye Live Archive Server into its Monitoring System and Collector products, enabling telecommunication and ISP organizations to cost-effectively collect, mediate, store and search billions of transactions and hundreds of terabytes of capacity necessary to address the new requirements.

With an increasing number of terror threats, Asian countries are taking aggressive, pro-active steps to prevent any potential violence toward their countries and their neighbors.   CopperEye and ThorpeGlen effectively eliminate the cost and complexity of addressing the ever-changing requirements for data retention and retrieval by deploying high-performance data repositories for record-intensive applications at the lowest cost possible. 

ThorpeGlen has already installed several large scale Call Detail Records (CDR) collection and analysis systems in Asian countries and is currently in contract negotiation with several other regional National Security Agencies for further sales opportunities.

Evolving Government Regulations such as the European Union Data Retention Act, issued in March 2006, mandates the retention of voice call and Internet traffic-related data in all 27 member countries, to be used in cases of serious crimes, including terrorism. The directive includes the retention of data from mobile phones, Internet and fixed telephony and email. Any affected party needs to retain essential information about these communications. According to the directive, data must be retained for a period of time between six months and two years, but some member states have chosen to extend that period to up to five years requiring Communication Service Providers to store and allow retrieval of communications records from 90 days to one year or more. This presents a major challenge for telecommunication providers.  Most providers currently do not possess technology with the ability to store and search through records stored for a minimum of 90 days - data that can average up to 125 billion transactions.

“After an exhaustive search, CopperEye was the only effective solution in the market to meet these high demands,” said David Woods, CEO, ThorpGlen. “Existing database technology approaches cannot store and retrieve critical security-driven information at the speed demanded by these new regulations. Additionally the CopperEye product was ready and tested in the field at the high volumes we were looking for. To date, we have been able to extend the scaling of our systems to process and store beyond 2 billion event records per day.” 

“Our predictive intelligence capability, developed over many years with British Telecom, gives ThorpeGlen the unique and leading position in the market place,” continues Woods. “Previously many crime detection systems relied predominantly on post-event intelligence.  What is increasingly required is the ability to predict activity leading to major crime events before they happen.  This partnership brings our customers the ability to help predict that activity.  We are proud to help strengthen their anti-crime and counter-terrorism capability.”

CopperEye’s Live Archive Server is the most cost-effective and comprehensive archiving solution available with its ability to instantly store and recall large volumes of compliance data such as call detail records and instant messaging.  The Live Archive Server allows companies to easily comply with new government regulations, without negatively impacting productivity or the bottom line.  CopperEye is able to deploy their Live Archive Server in a few weeks rather than the months required by other solutions. 

"The current telecommunications business environment of dramatically escalating transaction and data volumes, demands a whole new approach to cost-effectively comply with the new security directives,” said Kate Mitchell, CEO, CopperEye. "CopperEye is uniquely positioned to address this challenge and our Live Archive Server, combined with ThorpeGlen’s innovative electronic surveillance solutions, will rapidly and effectively address the intense performance and capacity requirements to help ensure security for Asia."

About CopperEye CopperEye is a leading provider of enterprise- archiving solutions to meet both business needs and external compliance requirements.   CopperEye Live Archive Server software helps companies cost-effectively capture, quickly store and instantly access selective transactions from tens- or hundreds-of-terabytes which reflect months or years of transaction history. This is increasingly important as corporate data volumes more than double every year and regulations require companies to keep data longer. In addition, CopperEye's patented indexing technology approach delivers a quantum leap in performance in an open access format, enabling large amounts of data and long-term retention at a fraction of the cost of traditional database and data warehouse approaches, while eliminating vendor and technology dependency. CopperEye has offices in Stamford, CT, and Bath, UK.

  About ThorpeGlen

ThorpeGlen is based at Adastral Park and backed by Cambridge-based fund management team CREATE Partners Ltd, and recently bought the Advanced Communications Monitoring business from Azure Solutions.  Azure was spun out from BT Brightstar in April 2003, and taken over by an Indian company, Subex, in June 2006 to form Subex Azure.  The advanced systems the company makes can acquire, enhance, monitor and analyze massive amounts of data. This can be used to predict activity which may indicate preparation for major criminal events, including terrorism acts and high-tech financial frauds.

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