Cross Match Introduces Dual-Iris Capture Solution at Biometric Consortium Conference

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a global provider of biometricentity solutions, will introduce the latest additions to its broad range of biometric offerings, including the industry's first in production dual iris capture system, the I SCAN 2, at the Biometric Consortium Conference and Biometrics Technology Expo (BCC) to be held next week in Baltimore. The I SCAN 2 is a durable, easy-to-use, USB powered handheld device that produces ANSI INCITS and ISO/IEC standards-based images, easily integrates into EFTS- and EBTS-based enrollment and rapid systems, and is interoperable with all iris matching algorithms. "The I SCAN 2 adds iris imaging to Cross Match's existing multimodal offerings, which have been designed to meet our customers' needs for rapid enrollment,entification and verification. The I SCAN 2 simplifies the enrollment process by capturing both iris images simultaneously and leverages many of our advanced technologies, such as auto capture to improve the speed and quality of iris capture," said James W. Ziglar, president and CEO of Cross Match. Cross Match will display several other offerings from its comprehensive product portfolio at the BCC, such as its Multimodal Jump Kits incorporating the I SCAN 2. Jump Kits are used by the military, law enforcement and other first responders for rapid enrollment as well as local or remoteentification. They provide a complete mobileentification solution by combining a livescan ten fingerprint scanner such as the L SCAN(R) Guardian R(TM) with facial and iris image capture and the ability to include and array demographic data - all in a compact, rugged and portable unit. Another featured product will be the newly released Mission Oriented Biometric Software (MOBS) enrollment application that processes multimodal biometric and demographic data and provides a simplified, customizable user interface to accelerate auto capture and submission in high-risk environments. Records created in MOBS are recognized and accepted by the military and law enforcement to enroll and verifyentities against existing ABIS and AFIS databases. In addition, Cross Match will exhibit in Booth 201 its award winning Authenticator document readers and its F SCAN facial recognition surveillance systems. Having placed first in multiple International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) e-passport interoperability tests, the D SCAN(R) Authenticator verifies next-generation electronic passports, visas and other standardized travel documents. The F SCAN facial recognition system is designed for high-traffic, as well as access-controlled, areas and delivers real-time facial recognition results by comparing images against shared or customized watch lists. Mr. Ziglar, a former Commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, will deliver a keynote speech on "Identity Management, Biometrics and Immigration Reform," Wednesday, Sept. 12, 1:30-2:00 pm in Room 307/308 of the Baltimore Convention Center. About Cross Match Technologies Cross Match Technologies, Inc. is a global provider of biometricentity management systems, applications and enabling technologies to governments, law enforcement agencies and businesses worldwide. These solutions are used to capture and process the unique physical characteristics of individuals to establish and verify theirentities. Offerings include fingerprint, palm and full-hand scanners, iris capture, facial recognition systems, biometric software, document readers, and related services. Cross Match has corporate headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., and international headquarters in Jena, Germany. For more information, please visit www.crossmatch.com. For more informaiton, contact: Cross Match Technologies, Inc., Palm Beach Gardens Bill Brobst Phone: 561-307-7398 Email: bill.brobst@crossmatch.com