CSafe Manufacturing Facility in Ohio Has Received FAA Approval

DAYTON, OHIO CSafe, LLC, www.csafellc.com, provider of active container solutions for the temperature sensitive airfreight market, announces the approval of its manufacturing facility in Dayton, Ohio, USA, by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the production of the company’s AcuTemp RKN electrical heating and cooling air cargo container.  Prior to the approval of the Dayton location, the units were manufactured and released into the world-wide marketplace from the company’s FAA-approved Seattle, Washington location.

FAA approval of the Dayton manufacturing facility provides the company with the opportunity to more effectively meet the growing international demand for the AcuTemp RKN air cargo container.  The container is used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and their logistics partners for shipping up to pallet-sized loads of temperature controlled products around the globe. The AcuTemp RKN by CSafe is the only air cargo container of its kind approved by the FAA, which requires that manufacturing be completed in an FAA-approved facility.  The approval process ensures that manufacturing processes and quality procedures are thoroughly reviewed for adherence to rigorous FAA standards.

“The first AcuTemp RKN units at the Dayton facility were completed within days after FAA approval of our manufacturing and quality processes,” said Brian Kohr, General Manager of CSafe. “We are continuing an aggressive build schedule to expand the CSafe fleet of containers so that we can continue to meet the availability requirements of our global customers,” he noted.

The AcuTemp RKN air cargo container by CSafe is designed to eliminate the challenges associated with maintaining the cold chain for shipping temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products.  The unit has successfully passed Operational Qualification (OQ) testing from major pharmaceutical companies; and since beginning service in 2008, has consistently demonstrated its ability to maintain a customer-desired payload set-point, resulting in no recorded product losses.

New units are currently being added to the company’s fleet weekly from the Dayton facility and distributed to strategic service partners around the globe.

About CSafe, LLC CSafe, LLC provides technology solutions for the temperature-sensitive air freight market. Its flagship product, the AcuTemp RKN, is the first and only active unit of its kind with both FAA and EASA approvals. CSafe has a worldwide network of logistics partners to address the stringent requirements of the temperature sensitive air cargo market. Headquartered near Dayton, Ohio, CSafe, LLC is a joint venture between AmSafe, Inc. and AcuTemp Thermal Systems, with service centers and partners worldwide. For more information, visit www.csafellc.com.

For more information, contact: Linda Raisch Phone: 937-312-0114 Email: lraisch@csafellc.com