Custom Gas Delivery System from SRD

Sensor Research and Development Corporation (SRD) introduces the GDS series gas delivery systems. These systems are a revolution in the gas blending market and represent the features necessary to optimize gas testing stations.

Key Features:

Staging (premixing): Gases can be vented to stabilize their flow rates and concentrations before being switched to the output. This is crucial when using bubblers or permeation tubes to allow a consistent gas stream to be generated.

Programmability: The user can create/load/save gas sequence files as tab-delimited text. These sequence files can be created/modified in the application of your choice, allowing the user to create the sequence at their desk and just download it onto the GDS computer.

Graphical Interface: The GDS software was developed to have the standard Windows® look and feel. This allows the user to control the system using a keyboard and mouse for more flexibility and ease of use.

Data logging: Record desired quantities from each channel in tab-delimited text files. These can then easily be loaded into other programs, such as Excel® or Matlab®, for processing.

Customization: SRD has the ability and expertise to create custom gas delivery systems to meet your needs. This could include changing the flow path materials, controlling external equipment, or environmental control. SRD’s standard systems are 2 and 6 channels. Systems can be built with up to 15 channels as needed.

In SRD’s 13 years of sensor development, a highly precise and programmable gas delivery capability has been paramount. However, nothing on the market could meet our performance requirements for accuracy, programmability, and flexibility, so we built the GDS series gas delivery systems - because we had to. Capitalize on our experience and understanding of gas dynamics, system automation, and user-friendly interface design to optimize the operation and accuracy of your GDS system.

For additional information please visit www.srdcorp.com or email us at gasdelivery@srdcorp.com.

Contact: Carl J. Freeman, President Sensor Research and Development Corporation 17 Godfrey Drive Orono, ME 04473 Phone: 207-866-2130