Discover the New HAWK-FR Stand-Off Detector From Bruker Daltonics

Specially designed for the U.S. Homeland Security market, the HAWK FR is a lower-cost chemical agent stand-off detector with scanner. It is derived from Bruker’s well-established RAPID™ military ruggedized FT-IR stand-off detector. The HAWK FR, like other Bruker FT-IR instruments, is based on the proven Bruker RockSolid™ interferometer, and is resistant to mechanical shocks, vibrations, humidity, and extreme temperature differences. It is hardened for field operations in harsh and rugged environments, but does not meet military specifications, which are often not required in homeland security. The HAWK FR features easy handling, robust and compact design, low weight, minimal power consumption, low detection limits, fast measurement and alarm, and continuous monitoring. All this distinguishes the HAWK FR as an efficient and reliable chemical agent and toxic cloud detector for field screening from stand-off position of up to one mile. The HAWK FR sensor is a passive mid-infrared (mid-IR) detector whichentifies the characteristic “fingerprint” signatures of chemical agents. Substanceentification is performed by comparing the measured signal with all spectral fingerprints from a database. Sophisticated software discriminates against possible interferents and thus avoids false alarms. Depending on atmospheric conditions and the characteristics of the agent cloud, the system can detect chemicals at a line-of-sight distance of up to one mile. Advantages of the new HAWK-FR

  • Robust and compact design
  • Low weight
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Low detection limits
  • Fast measurement and alarm
  • Continuous monitoring

Special Limited Time Introductory Offer For a limited time, take advantage of our introductory offer on our new stand-off detector. We are offering 10% discount for a limited time! Some additional terms and conditions may apply, please contact us for more details. For more information, contact Frank Thibodeau, Bruker Daltonics NBC Detection Corp. Phone: 978-663-3660 Email: fnt@bdal.com Website: www.cbrn-bdal.com