Emerson Network Power Introduces the Liebert XDF

Columbus, OH – With equipment densities continuing to rise and more organizations relying on remote equipment for business-critical operations, Emerson Network Power, the global leader in enabling business continuity, has introduced the Liebert XDF, a plug-and-play enclosure system that allows for quick deployment of high-density equipment almost anywhere.The Liebert XDF extends the “mini-computer room” concept pioneered by Liebert to the requirements of high-density server and communications equipment. It uses an air-, water- or glycol-cooling system, fully integrated into a Liebert Foundation enclosure, to create a safe working environment for sensitive electronics. Mission-critical power protection can be added through the Liebert GXT2, a rack-mounted UPS that features online power protection, remote monitoring, an external maintenance bypass and extended battery runtimes. “Extreme density equipment is being deployed everywhere from the data center to wiring closets to the warehouse floor and that is changing power and cooling requirements across the network,” said Lennart Stahl, Liebert Sr. Product Manager. “The Liebert XDF is a new tool network managers can use to provide the support this equipment requires. It delivers a flexible, easy-to-deploy solution for high-density equipment in remote environments or can be used to add high-efficiency supplemental cooling in controlled environments.” Contact:Vince McMorrowPhone: (614) 825-1727