EnvironMax Announces Environmental Management Compliance Software

EnvironMax has created the nation’s highest independently rated hazardous chemical tracking and reporting system.  This system is a single source environmental compliance solution based upon the ever-changing regulations imposed by the local, state and national governments.  The essential categories addressed by this solution are chemical and hazardous material inventory control, hazardous waste tracking and compliance reporting.  The Environmental Management Information System (EMIS) can be accessed from the web or an intranet and is a robust solution for enterprises worldwide.  Completely scalable with web connectivity, the system can be used anywhere by any size enterprise. The EnvironMax EMIS software will enable the customers to:
  • Reduce the amount of waste they create through better chemical/waste management
  • Reduce the cost of the waste by better management of accumulation and storage
  • Reduce the liability to exposure to employees by better management of chemical distribution and knowledge
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to produce regulatory reports
  • Increase the availability of environmental information - saving time and money for decision making analysis
  • Increase the productivity of their employees as they will spend more time managing the environment rather than the data
  • Increase the accuracy of the environmental data required for reporting through bar coding, RFID and business process automation
  • Reduce the technical support requirements for environmental information systems
For information regarding the EnvironMax EMIS software contact: Craig R. Olsen, Director of Business Development EnvironMax, Inc. 2875 So. Decker Lake Drive, Suite 100, Salt Lake City, Utah 84119Phone: (801) 973-8884 Email: colsen@environmax.com URL: www.environmax.com