Fyrban Introduces the ATac Line of FR (Flame Resistant) Coveralls - Built for Tactical Performance

When duty calls, call for an ATac™.  These special duty flame resistant coveralls have the built in toughness and the uncompromising features you expect. Our durable coveralls are designed to provide maximum comfort and protection. From the reinforced stitching to the covered snaps, these tactical coveralls will give you the edge you need.

For more information, contact Fyrban at 1-800-933-0115 or visit www.lakeland.com.

About Fyrban Fyrban is a manufacturer of woven safety products. Products include wildland gear, industrial heat protective clothing, fr coveralls, arc flash protective clothing, and fire station wear. Inquiries and sales information is available at 800-933-0115.

About Lakeland Industries, Inc.

Lakeland is among the leading companies designing and manufacturing protective garments for industry, municipalities, and the burgeoning healthcare field, Lakeland Industries' products have established and maintained their global reputation for overall quality. Indeed, our products have long been recognized as the field's gold standard for quality - that essential, expected and deserved constituent of any protective wear.

For more information, contact: Adam Parker Phone: 800-933-0115