GE Security's New EntryScan4 Brings Superior Whole-Body "Trace" Explosives Scanning to Space-Constrained Facilities

Paris – GE Security (NYSE: GE) today introduced its new EntryScan4, the latest evolution of its popular no-touch, whole-body trace detection walk-through portal.  EntryScan4 brings enhanced flexibility and performance to GE’s family of explosives detecting trace portals.   EntryScan4’s lower height, and industry-leading weight and footprint, now make it possible for space-restricted security settings to take advantage of trace portal technology.  At the same time, it improves throughput by up to 20 percent with a new 15-second-cycle time while enhancing head-to-toe sampling and expanding the library ofentifiable substances.Through its quick and easy sampling method, the EntryScan4 offers the potential for increased security, reduced costs and a faster and more pleasant user experience at airports, nuclear power plants, correctional facilities, customs and border inspection stations, military checkpoints, government buildings, public transportation stations, high-threat commercial facilities, as well as sporting and other large public event settings. “GE’s EntryScan portals have proven effective and popular in a wide variety of aviation and non-aviation security settings.  EntryScan4 now makes it possible for an even wider variety of facilities and applications to take advantage of improved trace portal technology,” said Dennis Cooke, president, GE Security’s Homeland Protection business.  “Space-restricted facilities can now put enhanced trace portal security to work for them.”EntryScan4’s 2349.5 mm (92.5-inch) total height and 337.9 kg (745 lbs.) total weight make it a good fit for spaces with eight-foot ceilings and or floor-loading restrictions.  Left or right operator display positions add to the new portal’s flexibility.Security is further enhanced by EntryScan4’s addition of new, more effective jets and an embedded camera for capturing images of alarm individuals.  Screening is made more pleasant and convenient for EntryScan4 users by new, quieter jets, international direction symbols and exit gates for traffic control.  Voice prompts are available in a number of languages for international deployments.A new standby mode helps operators reduce total cost of ownership by reducing power consumption by up to 40 percent while extending pump life along with the life of other components.  Cost is further reduced by EntryScan4’s quick-access side cabinet, which combined with a new, faster computer with improved diagnostics, makes for easier serviceability and greater uptime.  Relocation of the majority of EntryScan4’s internal components allows completion of up to 80% of maintenance through new side access doors without the use of ladders.GE Security’s EntryScan portals can provide highly effective, reliable and cost-effective trace particle detection of difficult-to-find substances while letting people pass through the screening process quickly and easily with little or no assistance.  EntryScan4 can be operated as a standalone system or, using the SecureStation product, multiple EntryScans can be monitored remotely by a single operator, further helping to reduce staffing requirements and enhance safety by performing screening at a safe distance.  A single operator can remotely monitor up to eight EntryScan portals.EntryScan4’s patented Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer (ITMS®) technology helps to increase the ion population, enabling detection of traces of explosives.  An exclusive switching mechanism simultaneously detects positive and negative ions, allowing detection of a wide range of explosive substances.  Substance libraries are readily expandable to accommodate unique user requirements and potential future needs.About GE’s Security Business GE’s Security business is a wholly owned subsidiary of the General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) focused on communication and information technologies for security, safety and lifestyle enhancements.  GE Security has operations in more than 30 countries and is represented by some of the best-known brand names for intrusion and fire detection, access and building control, video surveillance, explosive and drug detection, key management and structure wiring.  GE Security was recently named Frost & Sullivan’s 2006 Company of the Year for Homeland Security. For more information about GE Security and our products, please visit www.gesecurity.com. For more information, contact:Steve Hill     GE Security     (510) 857-1132     steve.hill1@ge.com Caroline Reed APCO UK + 44 20 7526 3600 creed@apcouk.com John Mandeville APCO Belgium + 32 2 645 9811 jmandeville@apco-europe.com  Tom Brigham BRIGHAM SCULLY (818) 716-9021 tbrigham@brighamscully.com