Google Glass Prototype for Emergency Response

BALTIMORE, MD – Fire and hazmat software developer ADASHI Systems  revealed a Google Glass prototype at FDIC, the largest firefighter conference in the world. ADASHI first response and incident command software allows firefighters to instantly view critical data such as site plans, aerial imagery, and electronic huddle diagramming. ADASHI software (First Response and Command Post) integrates with Computer Aided Dispatch systems to automatically deliver all the relevant data.

Theea behind developing Google Glass technology is to deliver hands-free access to the information that can save lives and improve the attack. “ADASHI is focused on cutting-edge technology to support public safety,” said Alex Menkes, CEO. “Our software, already in wide use across the country, provides situational awareness and command and control tools to the people who save our lives every day. Google Glass is a natural fit for the industry, and when the price drops to say, $300 a pair, I think we’ll see more of these in service.”

ADASHI Systems emergency software provides responders with a fast, accurate picture of the scene including maps, preplans, aerial dispersion modeling, guidance and video. Xerox Corporation (XRX) distributes the ADASHI First Response software under its brand name, FH Mobile Response.

Users of ADASHI software include the Los Angeles City Fire Department, (the 3rd biggest fire department in the United States), New South Wales Fire & Rescue, (one of the five largest fire rescue services in the world with over 70,000 volunteers), US Marines, and hundreds of other fire departments, hazmat teams and emergency operation centers across the U.S.

About ADASHI Systems ADASHI First Response and Command Post software are used in fire trucks as a lightweight way to carry all the relevant intel while coordinating response to natural disasters, hazmat technical response, complex fires, terrorist threats, and more. The robust program allows commanders to seamlessly evolve strategy.

Using ADASHI/FH Mobile Response means there’s no need for responding units to request or search online for information – relevant data appears automatically in the program. Incident Commanders can move resources onto the map with a fingertip and use the electronic Incident Action Plan to coordinate their teams, communicate tactics, and share info with outside agencies. It is an essential tool particularly when dealing with large incidents requiring multiple resources – helicopters, ambulances, fire trucks and ladders.

ADASHI integrates with computer-aided dispatch and 911 systems to make critical response smarter, faster and safer. The program works with laptops as well as Microsoft-compatible tablets such as the Surface and the Panasonic Toughpad.

You can see a brief video overview of the product at http://bit.ly/1hcJXUW

For more information, contact: Brian Pollack Head of Business Development, ADASHI Email: bpollack@ADASHIsystems.com