Great Water Tech Launches SwiftSource Water Generator

(Released 24 April 2017) St. Paul, MN  – Clean drinking water is a necessity for everyday life. Unfortunately, it is not always available. If and when floods, hurricanes, or any other event cause contamination of a water source, clean, reliable and safe drinking water needs to be provided to affected populations. The Great Water Tech SwiftSource Water Generator, a pre-assembled, plug-and-play machine is now available to provide a solution to U.S. disaster relief and emergency management markets.

“Great Water Tech is excited to bring the SwiftSource Water Generator to market, offering a reliable, efficient, modular, and scalable solution to water emergencies.” said Patrick Rosenstiel, EVP of Sales and Marketing at Great Water Tech. “Minnesota recently recognized Severe Weather Week. Acknowledging the hard work and dedication of our emergency management professionals, we can offer them another solution. The SwiftSource Water Generator is designed for use by government emergency management agencies and NGOs to get safe drinking water to people who need it most.”

The SwiftSource Water Generator uses Great Water Tech’s mineral-based, German-engineered water treatment products to convert contaminated water into potable drinking water. It is mobile and can be deployed in nearly any emergency situation where potable drinking water is unavailable.

Wolf Merker, CEO of Great Water Tech stated, “Potable water is a necessity of life. During a severe weather event, access to clean, safe, drinking water may be interrupted. The SwiftSource Water Generator allows for timely and reliable access to drinking water.” He continued, “This plug-and-play solution offers another tool to relief organizations, NGOs, and emergency response professionals.”

The SwiftSource Water Generator is modular and customizable. The core technology uses a series of water filtration systems, including an enhanced flocculation process, to purify contaminated water. The machine is available in a variety of sizes. Multiple units may be connected in parallel to scale to the needs of the end user.

About Great Water Tech
Great Water Tech is a water treatment technology company, with full rights to use products in the United States. Great Water Tech provides corrosion and contamination solutions for water infrastructure systems, potable water generation resources, and nutrient management solutions for lakes and Mösslein Wassertechnik’s ponds. To learn more, visit http://greatwatertech.com/

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