HGH Infrared Systems Launches in the United States with Market's First Long-Range 360-Degree Infrared (IR) Camera

CAMBRIDGE, MA - HGH Infrared Systems, a leading supplier of optronics and infrared technology for security and surveillance, today announced the U.S. availability of the IR Revolution 360, the industry's first 360-degree line-scan panoramic infrared camera. The launch of the IR Revolution 360 marks HGH's official entrance into the U.S. security and surveillance market -- an expansion strategy that includes the appointment of new U.S. staff, a representative agreement with Massachusetts-based IRCameras, and a demonstration of the camera's capabilities in a real life setting at Hanscom Field in Bedford, Mass., beginning June 13. The expansion of HGH into the U.S. security and surveillance market is anchored by the appointment of Ron Austin as U.S. Director of Business Development. "I am thrilled to be joining HGH and work to establish the IR Revolution 360 in the U.S. security and surveillance market," said Austin. "The technology in this camera is unique -- panoramic thermal imaging has been attempted before, but never with such superb image quality and long-range capture capabilities. This camera has the potential to significantly simplify the way perimeter security professionals do their job." The IR Revolution 360 is a panoramic infrared camera designed to replace multi-camera perimeter security systems that have traditionally required several single or dual-head cameras set to pan, tilt, or zoom within a fixed field of view. The IR Revolution 360 creates three to twelve megapixel panoramic thermal images of a surveillance area at a rate of one full image per second for automatic, real-time intrusion detection and tracking. The camera operates passively, emitting no light, and can detect a human from one to three kilometers away. Users control the IR Revolution 360 remotely through a point-and-click interface on a Windows operating system, and can deploy the camera in seven to eight minutes via a simple Ethernet connection. Already well established in Europe, HGH has partnered with Walpole, Massachusetts-based IRCameras to sell and install the IR Revolution 360 in the U.S. "This product is the first viable one of its kind," said Mike Larson, Vice President of IRCameras. "The image quality, sophisticated target detection capability, and comprehensive dashboard interface represent a large step forward in effectiveness versus existing multi-camera systems -- I expect that the IR Revolution 360 will beeally suited to airport and port security scenarios, as well as military and government groups planning mobile deployments." U.S. Director of Business Development Ron Austin has worked in the thermal imaging sector for the last eight years, managing OEMs, resellers and integrators for Raytheon Commercial Infrared, and later Hurley IR. While at Raytheon, Austin worked to deliver thermal imaging technology to the New York City Fire department in the aftermath of September 11th, 2001. HGH intends to augment Austin's appointment with additional sales support and technical support staff located throughout the U.S. The IR Revolution 360 will be deployed at Massport's Hanscom Field for a 14-day trial, beginning June 13. Security directors, analysts, and press can attend the demonstration to see the IR Revolution 360 in a real life surveillance scenario. About HGH Infrared Systems Founded in 1982, HGH Infrared Systems designs, develops, assembles and sells complete optronic systems for security, industrial and civil applications. HGH's products include thermal surveillance systems, industrial thermographic equipment, multi-spectral imaging sensors and infrared testing instruments. HGH is located in the heart of the French Optics Valley, in Igny, France. For more information, contact: Liz Caradonna/Martin Jones March Communications One Broadway, 14th Floor Cambridge, MA 02142 Phone: (617) 475-1575