HICS Command Toolbox Enhances Hospital Emergency Response

FISHERS, INDIANA – When the Hospital Incident Command System is deployed, the HICS Command Toolbox is the first step for organizing an incident command situation in a hospital setting. The HICS Command Toolbox enhances a hospital’s emergency response capability by providing the tools needed to perform HICS management procedures.

All of the supplies within the HICS Command Toolbox aid in simplified deployment of incident command procedures.

HICS Organization Chart Dry Erase Board prominently displays 25 key leadership positions in the HICS hierarchy.

Three complete sets of HICS Job Action Sheets and HICS Forms provide each shift with their own HICS documents.

Command & General Staff Vest Set of 16 vests for each of the HICS Command and General Staff titles, three additional Medical/ Technical vests, and four blank vests for customized positionentification.

HICS Pocket Guide is a reference for Command Staff, with a template of all positions in the HICS hierarchy and a mission statement for each position.

Section Table Tents provide quickentification of who is filling each HICS section leader role.

The HICS Command Toolbox is designed with Hospital Incident Command System goals and strategies in mind to enhance a hospital’s emergency preparedness and response capability. More information is available at www.dqeready.com/incidentsolutions.

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