ImageTrend's Resource Bridge & Patient Tracking Systems Aid Emergency Preparedness Throughout the U.S.

LAKEVILLE, MN – Live chat and cell phones are not only part of standard social networking, but have become vital to fluid emergency communications. ImageTrend’s Resource Bridge and Patient Tracking systems, proven emergency preparedness software solutions since 2003, are incorporating the newest technologies to promote cost-effective communications and supply critical information during emergencies.

Two integral parts of the Resource Bridge System are Alert Notification and Command Center. In emergencies, the Alert Notification feature sends messages to pre-stored lists of contacts via email, phone or pager. Individuals can securely discuss the crisis and obtain details through the Command Center chat-like interface.

One lesson learned during Katrina was the impact of tracking patients and their locations during a crisis. ImageTrend’s Patient Tracking system is a Web-based application connecting first responders, hospitals and patients’ families by tracking patients from initial assessment, through transport and to the hospital where they are treated. This system, in conjunction with a portable handheld scanner and bar-coded wristbands, is easy to use and ensures that all patients can be tracked and located. This has been tested in drills and real life situations, proving to be easily implemented and very effective.

Used for More than Major Incidents or Events Users of the Resource Bridge and Patient Tracking system are realizing that these systems can be used not only for mass casualty incidents and major events, but also for daily operations of emergency care to promote patient tracking and communication between paramedics, firefighters, hospitals and other agencies. By familiarizing themselves with these systems for daily operations, emergency personnel will be more prepared for other major incidents or events.

Emergency Preparedness in the United States Resource Bridge has been implemented in several states, including Minnesota, Nebraska, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council. Numerous clients also have ImageTrend’s Patient Tracking system, including Minnesota, Ohio, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and others.

ImageTrend and the Minnesota Department of Health have a close working relationship with emergency preparedness. Minnesota’s Resource Bridge, MNTrac, aided in the rescue efforts during the I-35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis. Since then Patient Tracking has been integrated into their system and has been tested and used during flood and tornado incidents, the MN State Fair and the 2008 Republican National Convention. During the 2009 Red River flooding in Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN, Command Center allowed over 200 individuals to discuss and share vital information using the secure chat feature.

"Thanks to MNTrac, the Minnesota System for Tracking Resources, Alerts and Communication, Minnesota has a tool to assist in the rapid deployment of critical information to hospitals and first responders during a disaster," said Megan Thompson, SNS/CRJ State Planner, MN Department of Health.

Ohio has conducted several emergency drills with their Patient Tracking system (OHTrac) since 2008. Recently a drill conducted at the Cleveland Airport involved over 200 patients, 13 EMS and Fire agencies, 5 flight services and 7 receiving facilities. The FBI, NTSB, American Red Cross, County Coroner, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, CERT and numerous K-9 Search and Rescue groups also participated.

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