Implant Sciences Receives U.S. Patent Office "Notice of Allowance" for Explosives Detector Cyclone Air Sampling Technology

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Wakefield, MA (November 11, 2004) Implant Sciences Corporation (AMEX:"IMX","IMX.WS"), a developer and manufacturer of products for nationalsecurity, medicine and industry, announces that on October 5, 2004, the Companyreceived a "notice of allowance" from the U.S. Patent Office for itscyclone air sampling technology (the, "Cyclone Technology") used inits Quantum Sniffer ("QS") explosives detection devices. TheCyclone Technology is an integral part of the Company's present portablehand-held and bench-top explosives detection devices; and will be an integralcomponent of new products under development, such as a passenger portal and ashoe bomb detector.

The notice of allowance indicates that the Company has fulfilled allrequirements for the issuance of a new patent entitled, "Cyclone SamplingNozzle for an Ion Mobility Spectrometer," expected to be issued in the nexttwo to three months. The Company's proprietary Cyclone Technology provides for acyclonic flow outward from the explosives detector nozzle that develops acylindrical "wall" of air allowing the device to sample explosivesfrom a specific point, thereby preventing extraneous air from diluting thesample. The Cyclone Technology, in connection with the ability to detectexplosives "vapors" as opposed to "particles", result in oneof the many features that differentiates the Company's trace explosivesdetection technology from key competitors like GE Ion Track and SmithsDetection.

In the past several months, GE Ion Track and Smiths Detection have announcedfield trials of the GE EntryScan3 and Smiths Detection Sentinel II walk-throughexplosives detector portal in select U.S. airports. The technology employed byboth GE Ion Track and Smiths Detection, based on publicly available information,requires the passing or "puffing" of air across a person's clothing orbody to release "particles" that can then be evaluated for explosivescontent. In contrast, Implant Sciences' proprietary QS technology is, to thebest of managements' knowledge, the only technology which detects pure vapors ofexplosives. In layman's terms, the QS(TM) technology is closest to replicatingthe "sniffing" ability of dogs. The pending issuance of a patent onthe Company's Cyclone Technology further strengthens the Company's technologicalposition in the detection of trace explosives. As of this date, the Company isnot aware of any significant orders of either the GE EntryScan3 or SmithsDetection Sentinel II for wide-spread commercial use in the U.S. airports.

Although an internal development program for a passenger portal is underway,the Company will also be submitting a proposal for a government grant tosupplement this development using the technology in this patent. The Companybelieves that its cyclone sampling system coupled with its enhanced sensitivityLaser IMS detector will make a passenger portal with superior capabilities.

Dr. Anthony J. Armini, CEO of Implant Sciences Corporation, stated, "Ithas always been our belief that our Quantum Sniffer technology is unique andclearly differentiated from our competitions' technology in the methodology,sensitivity, and efficiency of detection. The addition of the pending patent onour Cyclone Technology further strengthens our proprietary position."

Dr. Armini further stated, "We believe we continue to prove time andtime again the unique capabilities of our development team to introduce noveltechnology addressing the commercial needs of a very large security market. Withthe successful introduction of our Quantum Sniffer at the recent AVSECconference, we are now quoting potential customers, outside of military agencycustomers, to obtain orders for our first generation of explosive detectionequipment."

About Implant SciencesImplant Sciences, incorporated in 1984, is using its core ion technology todevelop, manufacture and market products for national security, medicine, andindustry. Under development are portable and bench-top trace element detectiondevices toentify explosives, narcotics and other toxic materials. The Companyhas also received government grants from the US Army, Navy and Air Force, andthe Transportation Security Administration to adapt the Company's explosivedetection technology to a wide number of security requirements.

Using its proprietary ion implantation and thin film coating technologies,Implant Sciences has a sophisticated production line that modifies the surfacecharacteristics of orthopedic joint implants to reduce polyethylene wear,thereby substantially increasing the life of the implants. The Company alsomanufactures and markets radioactive and non-radioactive products for medicaluse, including radioactive seeds for treating prostate cancer that aredistributed throughout the United States by its own direct sales force. Inparallel with the production of these seeds, it is also developing additionalbrachytherapy products for the treatment of breast, eye, and other cancers.

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