Information Systems Laboratories Delivers Acoustic Analysis Equipment to German Navy

San Diego, CA -  Information Systems Laboratories (ISL) has completed delivery of the latest-generation high-performance Fast Time Analysis System (FTAS) to the German Navy. The FTAS provides the German Navy with the full spectrum processing and display capability to perform quick-look and in-depth post mission analysis of acoustic signals recorded on-board the P-3C Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) from sonobuoys deployed to detect and track submarines and other vessels of interest. The FTAS is currently in operation at the Naval Air Wing 3 Graf Zeppelin located at Nordholz Germany and provides post mission support for the German Navy's recently acquired P-3C Orion aircraft. The Mobile configuration packaging of the system allows it to be easily deployed with the Squadron from its home base in Nordholz and set up to provide direct mission support in any forward operational area. The German Navy will begin using the FTAS equipment in support of its NATO coalition partners in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and other theaters of operation.

ISL's FTAS technology, developed by its Systems Engineering & Integration Division, is on its way to becoming the standard for NATO and other nations with maritime patrol and surveillance capabilities. The system accepts acoustic data in STANAG 4283-compliant digital and analog formats. The use of this common format supports analysis of acoustic data provided by other participating NATO military services. The system is currently used by the Royal Netherlands Navy, and the company will soon complete delivery of two systems to the French Navy. The system's faster data handling speeds, increased storage capability and high resolution displays provide the analyst with the tools to perform detailed analysis of passive and active acoustic signals. The operator workload is minimized by acoustic data storage capabilities that allow the original data to be replayed once from the original tape or data source and then analyzed many times from memory at a variety of replay speeds. The scalable system design is based on a high-performance digital signal processor unit interfaced with commercial off-the-shelf equipment such as PCs, tape recorders, time code readers and printers. The open system architecture allows for expansion and upgrades with improved signal processing hardware. Under the terms of the contract, ISL will also provide training for German Naval personnel in using the FTAS and then provide technical support and system upgrades as necessary. "We are pleased to be able to support NATO partners with our advanced technology," said Michael Dowe, President and CEO of ISL. "The combination of the new aircraft and our FTAS equipment has already proven to be far superior to anything the German Navy had in the past."   About Information Systems Laboratories ISL is a science and engineering innovator in the fields of advanced sensors, communications, adaptive signal processing, nuclear systems analysis, and space/missile system technology. ISL supplies critical, timely, high-quality solutions and products to meet the needs of commercial and government customers. ISL has cradle-to-grave capability to develop concept innovation, simulation of feasibility, prototype engineering, ISO-certified production and support, ranging from all levels of national security to quality of life in general. The company is based in San Diego and has seven other domestic offices. For more information, contact: Russ Olson, Vice President Information Systems Laboratories Phone: (858) 410-1321 Longbottom Communications, LLC Phone:  (703) 237-4244 Email: Patrick@longbottomcommunications.com