Intelagard Decontamination/Multi-Hazard Systems and Solutions

Preparedness at the local level, as well as on the battlefield, has become a necessity of the 21st century.  Radiological dispersion device, or dirty bomb, incidents may occur along a busy boulevard in the heart of a city.  Or a fire may be intentionally set to cover up a chemical release. In both instances, a rapid response to stop the spread of the chemical or radiological contamination is a must. What’s the answer? Provide First Responders as well as the military with Intelagard’s multi-hazard systems and solutions. Use the same piece of equipment to decontaminate a mail room today, suppress a fire tomorrow, and remediate a hazmat spill the next day. Intelagard also offers powerful and effective decontamination formulations; EasyDECON™ DF200 chemical/biological decontamination formula by EnviroFoam Technologies, and RadPro® radiological extraction/decontamination formula by Environmental Alternatives, Inc. Proven effective in real world situations, arming First Responders with Intelagard systems and solutions is a positive step in creating safe and secure communities. Consider the time, money, and lives that could be saved. Filling the Capability Gap Intelagard offers a technological solution package that fills the capability gap in our ability to recover from the deployment of a chemical/biological incident, Radiological Dispersion Device (RDD, or “Dirty Bomb”) or an Improvised Nuclear Device (IND). Key components of the package include powerful and effective decontamination solutions deployed by Intelagard systems.  Knowledge and preparedness diminish terror. Intelagard equipment provides the user with an intelligent response to a variety of scenarios, whether accidental or intentional.  Also appropriate for industry.  Current users of Intelagard technology include the US military, WMD Civil Support Teams, Homeland Security Urban Search and Rescue teams, major airports, corporations, power companies, HAZMAT teams, national parks, SWAT teams, bomb squads and fire departments.  Intelagard systems are currently deployed by the US military in theaters of operation around the world. Enviroshield Technology™, available only with Intelagard systems, yields Compressed Air Foam generated foams that, when deployed in decontamination operations, have the unique ability to adhere to vertical and inverted surfaces, allowing the durable foam blanket to maintain required wet contact time between the detected contaminant and the decontamination formulation. This ability to achieve required dwell time is critical for successful decontamination operations. Depending on situational requirements, Intelagard systems are capable of applying compressed air foam, air aspirated foam and liquid with simple control adjustments in order to quickly and effectively switch operational modes to match specific needs. The systems are capable of remote drafting operations for self-refill or deployment directly from off-board bulk resources.    Intelagard systems range in size from the man-portable Macaw backpack to the large-scale Falcon Fixed Site Decontamination System.  For more information regarding Intelagard systems and solutions, please contact Intelagard today. Contact:Lorraine Cope 303-309-6309 or Toll Free 800-468-6090 info@intelagard.com www.intelagard.com