Kansas City Metro Public Health & Hospitals Implement NexGenisys Health's MEDS|POD for Mass Dispensing of SNS Assets

Kansas City, MO – NexGenisys Health is pleased to announce the successful implementation of the 2nd phase of its MEDS|POD Mass Dispensing system to an additional 14 Kansas City area hospitals. The MEDS|POD system will be utilized by the hospitals to operate their Mass Dispensing clinics to provide prophylaxis to their employees (and families in some cases) in the event of a bio-terror, radiological, or pandemic event. NexGenisys Health’s MEDS|POD is a software system designed to be deployed in an emergency to Point of Distribution (POD) locations throughout hospitals and public health agencies.  MEDS|POD ensures consistent care is provided by checking for interactions, allergies, and health-related complications.  In addition, it provides patient medication education, labels take home medications, and generates operational reports in real time on patient and inventory tracking.  MEDS|POD is also an integral front end to a mail order system by getting first doses to patients immediately, while also gathering current contact information. In all, the Kansas City area will operate the NexGenisys Health MEDS|POD system at 23 area hospitals and 8 Public Health agencies.  MEDS|POD will aid area public health agencies in their goal of dispensing to 1.9 million people in less than 48 hours, should the need arise.  Acquisition of the system was coordinated by the Mid-America Regional Council utilizing both HRSA and UASI funds. About NexGenisys Health NexGenisys Health is a privately held company which provides software solutions and consulting services for the health care industry, with special emphasis and expertise in Emergency Preparedness and Response including automation for Strategic National Stockpile Management, Disaster Management, and Emergency Operations Coordination.  For more information, visit www.nexgenisys.com or email to sales@nexgenisys.com