Kidde Fire Trainers-launched

Kidde Fire Trainers” is launched.

Symtron Systems inc., Symtron GmbH, ICS International Code Services, and IFTE International Fire Training Equipment Limited are now offering their products under the name “Kidde Fire Trainers.”

Acquired by Kidde plc in September 2003, the group of companies is the leading provider of live fire training systems and centers for firefighting, with offices in the USA, Canada, UK and Germany. Kidde Fire Trainers offers broadest range of products and will be in a position to provide more timely support services.

Kidde’s training systems, controlled by computer and fueled by propane or natural gas, allow realistic fire training in a safe and environmentally sound manner. These training systems have been widely adopted by municipal, airport, and industrial fire departments as well as military and maritime fire training organizations worldwide.

Kidde plc is a leading global supplier of fire and safety products, systems and services under to industrial, commercial, aerospace, combustion control and retail customers.

For further information contact: Louis Orotelli Marketing Manager Tel +1 201-794-0200 ext. 210 Email louis.orotelli@kiddeft.com