Larson Electronics' Magnalight.com Adds Explosion-Proof LED Light on Reel for Hazardous Location Areas

Larson Electronics added a 1 and 2 rated explosion proof LED drop light on an explosion proof reel to its wide array of hazardous location lighting on magnalight.com.  Featuring lower operating temperatures, brighter light and drop proof durability, the EHL-LED-7W-50-HR explosion proof hand lamp with 50 foot SOOW cord reduces the need for re-lamping and maintenance.  Equipped with a 7 watt LED bulb, the rated LED hand lamp is suitable for areas requiring UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 1 and 2 lighting.  The explosion proof reel offers a 1 Division 1 and 2 Division 2 rating, so that both the reel and the trouble light can be installed in hazardous location areas.  The EHL-LED-7W-100-HR is also available with a 90 foot SOOW cord.  This recent addition comes on the heels of the EHL-FL1524LED-100-HR explosion proof LED light, featuring a 2 foot long LED tube style light and explosion proof reel.

“On magnalight.com operators can see pictures that show that the EHL-LED7W series lights outperform a 100 watt incandescent, said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ magnalight.com.  “While incandescent hand lamps can generate enough heat to burn operators that bump into the light, the LED explosion proof hand lamps generally don’t get above the ambient temperature of the area.  The solid state electronics make the LED light drop proof and 50,000 life hour LED rating enable operators to avoid re-lamping for more than 5 years.  So our explosion proof LED hand lamps and drop lights create a safer, lower maintenance environment for our military, industrial and petrochemical operators.  By adding an explosion proof reel to these lights, operators can avoid tripping on or damaging longer cord lengths, which could result in downtime or repairs.  It’s all good.”

Larson Electronics’ magnalight.com offers a wide array of UL 1 and 2 rated LED lighting, including surface mount linear fluorescent replacements, explosion proof LED flashlights and pedestal mount LED lighting for hazardous location areas.  You can learn more at magnalight.com or 1-800-369-6671 (1-214-616-6180 international). 

About Larson Electronics' Magnalight For nearly 40 years, Larson Electronics has built quality lighting products for the cable, telephone and electric utility industry. Using the Larson Electronics website, we reach new customers in various industries, including utilities, construction and towing.  Larson Electronics Magnalight also services federal, state and local governments throughout the United States and Europe.  The US Secret Service, US State Department, Department of Homeland Security.  We also provide products to all branches of the US military, both domestically and internationally.

For more information, contact: Rob Bresnahan Phone: 800.369.6671 Email: rb@magnalight.com