LIFESAVER Bottle World's First All-in-One Ultra Filtration Water Bottle to Remove All Waterborne Pathogens Without Chemicals

London, UK, - LIFESAVER Systems - The next generation of personal water filtration has arrived. Launching at DSEi, ExCeL, UK,(stand 2021) LIFESAVER bottle; with it’s 6000 litre capacity is the world’s first all in one ultra filtration water bottle to remove bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi and all other waterborne pathogens without the aid of foul tasting chemicals such as iodine or chlorine. LIFESAVER bottle incorporates FAILSAFE technology which when the cartridge has expired shuts the system off protecting the user from contamination, another world first. Michael W. Pritchard M.W.M.Soc invented LIFESAVER bottle after seeing events around the world such as the Iraq and Afghanistan war, the Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina and more recently the flooding in the UK. It is aimed at military, aid and hiker markets around the world. The novel design is protected by a number of UK and International patent applications. LIFESAVER bottle was recently voted ‘Best Technological Development for Future Soldier System Enhancement’ by Soldier Technology 2007, the world’s premier soldier modernisation forum.(http://www.soldiertechnology.com) LIFESAVER bottle will revolutionise the battle space, reduce carried weight for the soldier, and lessen the traditional logistical demands of drinking water faced by militaries around the world. Mark Richter, Programme Manager, MERS, Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico VA said: ‘The Lifesaver bottle is an innovative water purification device that can remove debris, bacteria and viruses from water utilizing a unique membrane filtration system. With a 15 nanometre diameter filtration, it effectively creates fresh water instantly and safely for a soldier or marine. Water is weight! The LIFESAVER bottle provides water scavenging capability and fulfils a critical need of sustainability on the battlefield.’ LIFESAVER systems present their innovative and exciting new product – LIFESAVER bottle. This is the world’s first all in one ultra filtration water bottle. It will remove bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological waterborne pathogens without using chemicals like iodine or chlorine which leave a distinctive foul taste. LIFESAVER bottle produces filtered sterile drinking water quickly and easily. It incorporates LIFESAVER systems’ unique FAILSAFE technology (another world first) which shuts the bottle’s cartridge off upon expiry, preventing contaminated water from being drunk by the user. “With LIFESAVER bottle there is no need for tablets, boiling, chemicals, tubes, shaking, scrubbing, waiting or effort. LIFESAVER bottle produces clean, sterile drinking water with no foul taste. I truly believe LIFESAVER bottle could save your life one day.” said Michael W. Pritchard M.W.M.Soc, Inventor & CEO – LIFESAVER systems. LIFESAVER bottle will have a significant impact on humanitarian and disaster relief operations world-wide. It’s unique technology now means local sources of water may be safely drunk. Importantly LIFESAVER bottle will reduce the onset and spread of diseases and reduce the logistical supported required when responding to events. Using LIFESAVER bottle also means quicker responses to events. It lowers the overall cost of response as in many cases no bottled water will be required. Less medicine, staff and transportation are needed and no landfill sites have to be created to dispose of the millions of waste plastic bottles. LIFESAVER bottle will save lives. In future, deploying LIFESAVER bottles to emergency situations such as the recent flooding in the UK and hurricanes in the USA will result in more lives being saved at less cost and with a faster response than has ever been possible before. Truly revolutionary. Background Information LIFESAVER bottle was invented and developed in the UK by Michael W. Pritchard M.W.M.Soc, the CEO of LIFESAVER systems. He developed LIFESAVER bottle after seeing the tragic waste of life and serious problems caused by the lack of safe drinking water in the wake of the Tsunami in December 2004 and the following year when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana. It took a little while and some very frustrating  prototypes but eventually he did it. Michael Pritchard was born in Epsom, Surrey UK in 1967. He was educated at Gordonstoun School in Scotland and went to the University of Redlands in California USA. At the age of 18 he competed at international level for England winning a gold medal as part of the 4x100 metre relay team. Michael started his business career selling Apple computers into the then fledgling desktop publishing market. He remained within the computer industry for approximately 10 years. He worked in the city as Business Development Director for the Wace Group PLC and then in 1998 co-founded ZagMe.com a mobile marketing company. In 2000 Michael started his own business. As well as owning a successful property business Michael is also Managing Director of Hydronic Solutions (Europe) Ltd a specialist water treatment and legionella risk assessment company. For further information please contact LIFESAVER systems at: LIFESAVER systems The Old Bakery 7 Tuddenham Avenue Ipswich IP4 2HE United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1473 252831 Fax: +44 (0)1473 232656 E-mail: info@lifesaversystems.com Web: www.lifesaversystems.com www.lifesaverbottle.com