Lightstep's Searching Solution

Introducing the world’s first ever solution to locating persons trapped in tragic situations… While hopes are fading fast of finding any more survivors in the aftermath of the New Zealand Earthquake, a Northern Irish company have a pioneering solution to such search and rescue difficulties.

Lightstep Technologies, the award winning developers of the worlds first Intelligent Evacuation System, have taken their technology beyond evacuation and have created a system whereby persons can be located swiftly by emergency services.

Lightstep’s ‘Peoplefinder’ system allows the detection of a persons location within any given area, via the wearing of a small wristband sensor. This communicates with a user interface, controlled by, for instance emergency services, via a network of sensors. The system is capable of transmitting not only geographical location but also the wearer’s status and wellbeing using pulse detection technology.

Within earthquake prone regions, municipal authorities would install the slave sensors to create local area networks. Householders and/or building occupants would then wear the wristband sensor, which will alert rescue services to their whereabouts in the event of an earthquake.

In New Zealand, one week on, rescue workers continue to negotiate rubble in the desperate hope that someone somewhere is still alive.  Acoustic listening devices are being used to seek out the faintest hint of life with the simple goal of finding survivors. But more than a week into the search, this is clearly now becoming more of a recovery than rescue mission, and five days have passed since anyone has been found alive.

The valuable time lost in locating people could be vastly reduced with the Peoplefinder technology Lightstep have to offer. Rescue resources and efforts would be concentrated on areas where people have been detected via the network of sensors. Even more so, the information relayed about those persons state of well being will further increase the chances of people being found alive by allowing rescue services to prioritise their efforts.

The Peoplefinder system is a groundbreaking step forward with huge potential to make a difference and save lives in rescue situations worldwide. The team at Lightstep are once again at the forefront of bringing new and innovative solutions to the world stage.

Lightstep CEO, and inventor of the system Mr Kieran Patterson is available for interview.

For more information, contact: Andrea Morrissey (Media & PR) Lightstep Technologies Phone: 00 44 2890 432650 Email: andrea@lightsteptechnologies.com Web: www.lightsteptechnologies.com