Master of Homeland Security, 100 Great Twitters for Staying Informed

When people hear the words “national security” they immediately think anti-terrorism efforts, but there are a plethora of other aspects to the subject. The Department of Homeland Security takes on many additional responsibilities in addition to their counterterrorism efforts. The Department of Homeland Security’s list of important topics includes border security, disaster preparedness, and even human trafficking prevention, among other issues that are highly relevant the United States’ wellbeing, and any other nation’s as well.

Twitter offers a powerful platform for people interested in every branch of homeland security to keep their fingers on the pulse of current issues. Twitter is the social media platform of choice for many professionals and organizations, including:

  • The Department of Homeland Security, Interpol, and other national and international organizations
  • Security reporters and journalists
  • Security and risk consultants
  • Anti-human-trafficking agencies
  • Disaster preparedness organizations and warning systems

Twitter offers an up to the minute stream of data from the most highly-informed people in homeland security. These accounts are worth watching for anyone hoping to stay in-the-know. They’re roughly categorized and listed by follower count within the categories, with the notable exception of a few governmental agencies that were bumped to the top. Enjoy, and stay informed!

National Security Organizations National security organizations aren’t limited to official government agencies fighting terrorism. Many organizations working to thwart homeland security threats on a national or international scale can be found on Twitter.

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