MRC starts 2006 with a comprehensive set of microwave and satellite communications solutions for Public Sector & Homeland Security Situations

Microwave Radio Communications (MRC) has kicked off 2006 by penetrating the Public Sector Markets with a complete suite of products for both domestic and international customers.  Leveraging their broadcast knowledge, MRC has created customizable solutions for the next generation of law enforcement and rescue operations.  The specialized microwave equipment consists of four segments; Airborne, Body Worn, Mobile and Satellite. “As a rapidly growing company, this is a very exciting time for MRC…” commented MRC’s President, Tony Finizio.  “We are supplying solutions to the federal, state and local levels, which pave the way to increased productivity, knowledge sharing and accuracy during critical applications.  In the near future, applications will include the ability to extend network connectivity back to Command and Control operations, maximizing the benefits provided to the appropriate authorities,” Finizio added. MRC will be exhibiting at over a dozen public safety and government trade shows throughout 2006.  During these shows MRC will be demonstrating their latest body worn transmit system, WAVCell.  The WAVCell system is a state of the art, multi point-to-point video system that enables the command center to receive video from up to four portable transmitters simultaneously.  Other highlights of the product line that will be showcased include specialized video downlink equipment, portable transmit and receive sites, satellite uplink technology, and various other pieces of tactical equipment.  The HS Equipment can be used for applications such as special operations, surveillance, tactical maneuvers and various other law enforcement operations worldwide. For more information on MRC’s HS Technology visit www.mrcbroadcast.com or contact a public sector sales consultant at 978-671-5700.MRC - The leading manufacturer of video centric microwave systems for television broadcast operations worldwide and a key supplier of U.S. military and homeland security operations.  MRC designs, manufactures, and markets microwave radio systems and accessories for point-to-point applications that include studio-to-transmitter links (STL), transmitter-to-studio links (TSL), electronic newsgathering (ENG), outside broadcasting (OB), inter-city relays (ICR), satellite backhaul, regional networks, satellite applications and video downlinks.  Founded in 1963, MRC has a sound reputation for engineering and research and development of technologically advanced products that support high-quality video transmission requirements.  Only MRC combines the breadth of knowledge and experience in microwave communications, the depth of engineering resources, a commitment to excellence in wireless radio platforms and the financial backing to continue to be the leader in microwave products and technological advancements.Contact: Jacqueline RoyPhone: 978-671-5891Email: jroy@mrcbroadcast.com