MSA Safe Escape Respirator is the first to receive NIOSH Approval for CBRN Emergency Escape

Pittsburgh, PA, - The new Safe Escape Respirator from MSA is a practical solution to escape, quickly and easily, from threatening situations by providing wearers with respiratory protection along with head and neck protection from CBRN agents. The Safe Escape Respirator joins several other MSA products in being the first product of its kind to be NIOSH-Approved for CBRN hazards.

The Safe Escape Respirator features a canister containing a CBRN high-efficiency particulate filter and activated carbon. It is permanently bonded to the respirator coupling nut, ensuring a secure connection. As air flows through the canister, directly into the nose cup, the inlet check valve maximizes the performance of the filter, reduces lens fogging and reduces carbon dioxide buildup inside the hood. Expired air is directed out the one-way exhalation valve.

Besides providing respiratory protection during escape, MSA has addressed the user’s comfort needs under stress by providing easy donning and practical use. Available in three sizes: Small, Medium & Large; it provides a personal fit for the best protection possible. The Safe Escape Respirator is compatible with long hair, glasses/eyewear, and/or facial hair to accommodate today’s diverse population. It is a hood-style respirator and features inside-the-hood self-adjusting cradle-type head straps. The soft, high-stretch neck seal eases donning and conforms to irregular neck contours. Communication is superior to those devices that use a mouth bit and nose-clip.

The 1-piece large, bonded lens and translucent chemical-resistant hood promote a wide field of view for better visibility and face recognition, while reducing claustrophobia.

The Safe Escape Respirator is packed in a sealed foil package, then in a distinctive, black polyethylene Hextreme™ hexagonal storage case, providing lightweight storage and a 5-year shelf life from date of manufacture. Each case is color coded and marked according to size, making them easily accessible in an emergency.

For additional information, call your MSA distributor or call MSA’s Customer Service at 1-888-MSA-0018. Ask for Bulletin 0514-01. MSA’s web site is www.MSAnet.com.

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