MSA's ClearCommand Helmet Communications System Is Effective, Simple, & Easy-to-Use

Pittsburgh, Pa., April 2005 - The ClearCommand HCS Helmet Communications System from MSA simplifies radio communications so workers can focus on the task at hand while getting the critical information they need. The system simply snaps over the ratchet of any MSA fire helmet, with no tools or batteries required. (The HCS can also be used with MSA’s Wildland® T Fire Helmet for forest firefighting.)

When used with MSA’s Cairns® fire helmet, the ClearCommand HCS is certified as compliant with NFPA 1971-2000 edition standard.

Because the system uses a noise-reducing bone-conduction microphone, the wearer’s voice is transmitted loudly and clearly, even in noisy environments. A flexible boom ear speaker provides clear audio directly to the wearer’s ear, so you can maintain almost hands-free communications.

The ClearCommand HCS is intrinsically safe and compatible with most 2-way radios. At the fireground, the system is equally appropriate for truck-comm interface, structural firefighting, pump operation, or incident command.

During any application, radio interface is invaluable during the operation or maintenance of complex equipment. Fewer distractions and less “radio fumbling” enhance workers’ efficiency and safety.

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